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Charity Conference

20-21 January 2022

ICAEW's annual Charity Conference has been designed to prepare you with the knowledge and inspiration to succeed with vital accounting, governance and taxation updates affecting the charity sector and inspiring keynotes. Register now to join the two days of virtual sessions.

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ICAEW's Charity Conference 2022 - 20 & 21 January



SORP development

Key insights on the development of the next Charities SORP from two key figures of the Charities SORP Committee.


CPD updates

Vital technical updates on charity accounting, taxation and governance from expert speakers that are perfect to put towards your CPD declaration.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

Keynote from the CEO of the Institute of Occupational Medicine, on how purpose-led organisations can re-energise their purpose, get buy-in and deliver greater value by alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


Impact of the pandemic

Keynote from the CEO of the British Red Cross, on the impact of the pandemic.


Charity sector insights

Insights from the first year of the Law Family Commission on Civil Society’s exploration of the role charities in UK’s post-COVID-19 renewal agenda.

2022 programme

Thursday 20 January

Opening remarks
Daniel Chan, Chair of the ICAEW Charity Committee, will open the conference.
Keynote: British Red Cross perspective on the impact of Covid
Mike Adamson, CEO, British Red Cross
The three I’s for Charity investors – Inflation, Income & Incorporating ESG into your investment portfolios
Ruffer's Ajay Johal, will cover three of the biggest issues facing charities in the coming months and years; how to protect against inflation, how to generate sustainable income and how to incorporate ESG considerations within your portfolio.
Accounting for charity fundraising: good practice reporting and other considerations
As many charities prepare for their year-end reporting cycle, join the Fundraising Regulator’s Policy Development Officer Heather McLoughlin for a practical overview of good practice when reporting on charity fundraising. You will learn how trustees, charity staff, auditors and independent examiners can ensure compliance with the UK-wide Code of Fundraising Practice and meet the fundraising reporting requirements under section 13 of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016. The regulator will also share insights from their enquiries service and casework and other emerging fundraising trends, reflecting on what future impact this may have on the world of charity finance.
Accounting update
Hear from Don Bawtree, Senior Adviser at BDO and Jill Halford, National Head of Charities at BDO for their round up of recent charity related accounting and reporting developments, especially relevant to the current year end reporting season.
Using the UNSDGs to re-energise your organisation’s purpose, get buy in and deliver greater value sector
Hear from Nathan Baker, CEO at IOM as he talks about how to get buy in and deliver greater value. As a charity with a commercial arm, IOM realised that they were missing an opportunity to explain to staff, clients and wider beneficiaries of their work who they are, why they exist and what impact they have had. IOM talked ‘their language’ to the outside world, often getting lost. The UNSDGs gave a common understanding of what good looks like and helped them to challenge why they do what they do and drive better outcomes.
IFR4NPO Update
There are no international standards guiding non-profit organisations (NPOs) how to prepare their annual audited accounts. While a few countries have their own standards for NPOs, these differ from each other and international standards that exist for businesses do not address all the needs of NPOs’ stakeholders. The IFR4NPO initiative represents a once in a generation opportunity to develop international Financial Reporting guidance for NPOs. Pesh Framjee, Partner and Global Head of Not For Profit at Crowe and member of IFR4NPO’s Practitioner Advisory Group, will share an update following the initiative’s consultation during 2021.

* Please note that the programme is subject to change.

Friday 21 January

Opening remarks
Daniel Chan, Chair of the ICAEW Charity Committee, will open day two of the conference.
Keynote: The role of civil society in the UK’s post-COVID-19 renewal agenda
Matt Whittaker, CEO at Pro Bono Economics, will share insights from the first year of the Law Family Commission on Civil Society’s ground-breaking exploration of the role charities and other social sector organisations could – and should – play in determining the future of Britain. The Commission, chaired by former Cabinet Secretary Lord Gus O’Donnell and comprising leading thinkers from across the public, private and social sectors, is focused both on securing concrete policy progress in the here and now and on ensuring civil society comes to sit at the heart of longer term planning by policymakers, business leaders and other key stakeholders across the country.
Net zero and carbon neutral - what does it mean in practice for charities of all sizes?
COP26 highlighted the need to rapidly reduce emissions to net zero in order to limit warming to 1.5 degrees. But what does net zero actually mean in practice for charities? In this session, EdenTree Investment Management’s Carlota Esguevillas defines commonly used terms such as carbon neutral and net zero, and outlines what stakeholders look for in a charity’s response to climate change.
The Charities Bill
Ruth Douglas, Head of Legal Policy at the Charity Commission for England and Wales, will outline the key changes in the Charities Bill that was announced in the Queen’s Speech in May 2021 and explain the practical implications for charities and the role of the Charity Commission in implementing the proposed new legislation.
Latest developments in Charity VAT and direct Tax
In this session Graham Elliot, Director at City and Cambridge Consultancy, will cover HMRC policy changes in respect of gift aid relating to donor waivers of liabilities to them, such as ticket refunds and loan waivers. Graham will touch on the HMRC policy concerning ‘naming rights’. He will also visit business rates, social investment tax relief, and creative industry tax relief. VAT will be covered, including the 12.5% rate for hospitality and culture, and partial exemption method changes, along with any relevant case decisions.
What to consider when choosing an accounting system for charities
Speakers from Xledger will provide practical advice.
SORP Development Update
Nigel Davies, Joint Chair of the Charities SORP Committee and Joanna Pittman, Partner at Sayer Vincent and Member of the SORP Committee, will give an update on the process and timeline to developing the next SORP. They will also provide an insight into the topics explored with engagement stands and the potential changes discussed by the Committee.
Closing Keynote from Claire Dove, VCSE Crown Representative

Our speakers

Mike Adamson is Chief Executive, British Red Cross and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2022
Mike Adamson Chief Executive, British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is the country’s leading voluntary crisis response organisation. Mike is responsible for all of the British Red Cross’ UK and International work. Prior to his current appointment, he has held other senior positions within BRC, including Managing Director of Operations. Mike has also worked as a Director of Commissioning in the NHS. He began his career as an economist in management consultancy.

Nathan Baker is CEO, Institute of Occupational Medicine and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2022
Nathan Baker CEO, Institute of Occupational Medicine

Nathan is CEO at the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), a research charity that is focused on protecting and improving health in the workplace and environment. He is a trustee or independent member of several organisations including the Management Board of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), the EDGE and the Mining Institute of Scotland.

Don Bawtree is Charity Senior Adviser at BDO UK LLP and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2022
Don Bawtree Charity Senior Adviser, BDO UK LLP

After working in corporate finance and on aid assignments, Don has specialised in charities for 30 years, leading the BDO charity team. He conducts advisory and governance projects. He was on the FRC committee responsible for issuing UK official guidance on charity audits and wrote Civil Society's Charity Accounts compliance guide.

Daniel Chan is a Senior Manager at PwC and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charities Conference 2021
Daniel Chan Director, PwC

Daniel is a member of PwC’s Charities Management Board, the national leadership team for its services to charities. He is PwC’s leading specialist in charity reporting and he leads the ‘Reporting in Charities’ Award, which he helped to introduce in 2014. He is a member of the ICAEW Charity Committee.

Nigel Davies, Joint Chair, Charities SORP Committee and Assistant Director of Accountancy Services, Charity Commission
Nigel Davies, ACA Joint Chair, Charities SORP Committee and Assistant Director of Accountancy Services, Charity Commission

Nigel joined the Commission in 2001, first heading up the accountancy unit team in Taunton and holding increasingly senior roles. In June 2020 he was promoted to Assistant Director, Accountancy Services. He advises the senior management team on charity financial issues and oversees the work of the team of accountants who cover all accountancy aspects of operational and inquiry activities.

Picture of Claire Dove
Claire Dove CBE DL VCSE Crown Representative

Claire acts as an intermediary between the Government and the voluntary and social enterprise sectors to champion the Social Value Act and an improvement in commissioning practices. Claire was appointed as VCSE Crown Representative in February 2018. As a key player in the social enterprise movement for over 40 years, she brings a wealth of experience to the role.

Graham Elliott is Director of City and Cambridge Consultancy and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2021
Graham Elliott Director, City and Cambridge Consultancy

Graham is an MBA and a Chartered Tax Adviser. He was appointed by the Charity Tax Group as Technical Adviser in 2016, owing to his involvement in charity VAT and tax issues over many years. This includes discussions with HMRC and the Treasury, dealing with issues that affect the sector.

Carlota Esguevillas is Responsible Investment Analyst, Eden Tree, and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2022
Carlota Esguevillas Responsible Investment Analyst, Eden Tree

Carlota holds a BA in Geography from Oxford University and previously worked for a sustainability consultancy advising businesses on their sustainability strategies and disclosures. She leads EdenTree’s work on topics such as human rights, diversity and workforce issues, and is currently studying for the Investment Management Certificate (IMC).

Pesh Framjee FCA is Partner, Global Head of Not For Profit Crowe and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2021
Pesh Framjee Partner, Global Head of Not For Profit, Crowe

Pesh is one of the high-level commissioners on the Charity Tax Commission, which has carried out a review of the UK charity tax system to develop recommendations to government. He has been a member of the UK Charity SORP Committee for more than 20 years and appointed as Technical Advisor in 2017.

Jill Halford is National Head of Charities, BDO and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2022
Jill Halford National Head of Charities, BDO

Jill is an Audit Partner and National head of Charities within BDO’s Not for Profit group, leading the delivery of audit and advisory services for BDO UK. Jill has over 20 years’ experience of advising charities and social enterprises on multilocation and complex engagements.

Ajay Johal is Investment Manager and Senior Investment Associate at Ruffer and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2021
Ajay Jahol Investment Manager, Ruffer

Ajay graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in history and sociology and worked at Barclays Wealth before joining Ruffer in 2014. Ajay is a member of the charities team and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments

Heather McLoughlin is and Policy and Development Officer and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2022
Heather McLoughlin Policy and Development Officer, Fundraising Regulator

Heather joined the Fundraising Regulator as its Policy and Development Officer in 2020. Previously, Heather held roles at Charities Aid Foundation as a Charity Advisor and at Charity Finance Group as a Policy Officer. She has extensive experience in helping charities of all sizes to develop fundraising strategies, understand regulation and charity law, and build good governance. Heather is also a trustee of Citizens Advice South Lincolnshire.

Joanna Pittman is a Partner at Sayer Vincent, Chair of the ICAEW Charity Committee and a member of the Charities SORP Committee. She is chairing ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2021
Joanna Pittman Partner, Sayer Vincent

Joanna is a Partner at Sayer Vincent, Chair of the ICAEW Charity Committee and a member of the Charities SORP Committee. At Sayer Vincent, she has responsibility for technical and compliance, ensuring that the firm remains up-to-date with technical issues in audit and accounting and compliant with ethical standards and professional matters. She is also a tax specialist.

Matt Whittaker is CEO, Pro Bono Economics and a speaker at ICAEW's Virtual Charity Conference 2022
Matt Whittaker CEO, Pro Bono Economics

Matt is Chief Executive at Pro Bono Economics, the charity established by former Bank of England Chief Economist Andy Haldane to help other charities measure, understand and value their impact. He is a founding member of the Law Family Commission on Civil Society, which is exploring the role that the social sector can play alongside business and the government in driving forward the UK’s post-COVID-19 renewal agenda.

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This was the first virtual conference I have attended - I was impressed with ability of the speakers to keep me engaged and found much of the content to be interesting.

Previous attendee ICAEW's Charity Conference 2021

Thank you ICAEW, this is the best event of yours I have attended. I definitely felt it was value for money!

Previous attendee ICAEW's Charity Conference 2021

This was an excellent conference. Very informative, well-paced and enjoyable.

Previous attendee ICAEW's Charity Conference 2021

Not only charity accounting and tax updates, but thought provoking insight into impact reporting that will inform my work with small charities to help them better report the fantastic work they do in their communities.

Previous attendee ICAEW's Charity Conference 2021

Two days of first rate training and plenty of ideas to mull over at the end of it.

Previous attendee ICAEW's Charity Conference 2021

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