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ICAEW website links policy

Internal ICAEW policy

Published: 19 Jun 2014 Updated: 07 Oct 2022 Update History

Detailing how to create links to ICAEW's website for organisations, students and members.

ICAEW gladly invites organisations, students and members to create links to the ICAEW website providing the following rules are applied.

For non-ICAEW members, all hyperlinks and graphical links should be confirmed with the Institute in advance by contacting digital@icaew.com.

Creating hyperlinks

A standard hyperlink to the website must not be used in any way that assumes ICAEW is endorsing or supporting a product, website or organisation.

  1. A named hyperlink must be presented using the ICAEW's name "ICAEW", not "ICA" or "The English Institute of Accountants" or any other abbreviations.
  2. A direct hyperlink should be displayed www.icaew.com

Graphical links

Based on feedback from members we have developed logos for use by all ICAEW members. They allow both individuals and firms to promote themselves as ICAEW Chartered Accountants.

All individual members who are entitled to use the ACA or FCA designation may use the new ICAEW Chartered Accountant logo for promotional purposes.

All member firms are entitled to use the new ICAEW Chartered Accountants logo to promote their firm. This replaces the existing member firm logo, which firms can continue to use until September 2012

ICAEW will on occasion provide the General Public with graphical artwork to be used on website pages.

The graphics provided must not be used in any way that assumes the Institute is endorsing or supporting a product, website or organisation.

  1. The logo provided must link to the ICAEW's website www.icaew.com 
  2. The logo must not be in any way altered.
  3. The logo must not in any way be animated, rotating, flashing or moving around the screen

Linking to an area, graphic or document on the website

Under no circumstances are graphical or standard links to link to individual pages, documents and graphics without prior agreement from ICAEW.