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Member logos

View guidelines on using ICAEW's member and member firm logos and download the logo.

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Our strong, distinctive brand clearly differentiates ICAEW from competitors and supports our future growth. We want to stand out from the crowd, remaining modern and relevant to all our audiences.

Using the ICAEW logo will enable you to do the same. It is available for you to use on your own stationery and marketing materials. So, whether you are an individual member or a member firm, you can promote yourself as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. 

Who can use the logos?

All individual members who are entitled to use the ACA or FCA designation may use the new ICAEW Chartered Accountant logo for their personal promotional purposes as an individual accountant.

All member firms that meet the relevant requirements are entitled to use the ICAEW Chartered Accountants logo to promote their firm. The member and member firm logos cannot be used for any other purpose.

Please note: ICAEW reserves the right to issue final judgement regarding what constitutes the appropriate use of its logo.

To check your entitlement please read the FAQs listed below or contact the Information Centre:
T: +44 (0)1908 248 250
E: info@icaew.com

Download the logos and guidelines

To download the logos and guidelines, please click on the link above and select ‘Save’ to save the zip folder to your computer. You need to extract the logos and guidelines by using a programme to unzip the folder before being able to use them.

ICAEW Chartered accountant logo
ICAEW chartered accountants logo

More information

  • Who can use the logos

    Member  logo

    Any ICAEW member who is entitled to use the ACA or FCA designation may use the member logo to promote their own professional services. This includes members in business and practice. Sole practitioners may use either the member or the member firm logo.

    Member firm logo

    Only practising member firms can use the member firm logo to promote their firm. To check your entitlement, please go to My guide to regulations.

  • What format should I use?

    The logos are available in png, eps and jpeg formats.

    When printing the logo on stationery and promotional materials we recommend using the high quality format (eps). Unless you have a specialist design programme on your computer, you will not be able to view eps files. However, your designer/printer will be able to.

    If you want to print on your own local printer, use the black jpeg version of the logo. 

    Use the png file for digital and online materials.

  • How can I use the logo?

    You can use the logo on your business and promotional material, such as business cards, websites, advertising, email, stationery, promotional items, office signage.  

    You can’t use the logo:

    • in advertisements where a member/member firm is endorsing or approving the products of a third party, such as a client (so the public don’t believe the endorsement is made by ICAEW); 
    • on commercial publications with non-members, or in other ventures with non-members; or 
    • on the stationery, accounts or publications of a third party, such as a client, even those prepared by a member/member firm.
  • What if I can’t download it?

    If you cannot open the ZIP file once you have downloaded it, please ensure that you have a programme to unzip it (eg, WinZip or STUFFIT).

    If you are experiencing problems downloading the ZIP file please save to your computer. Alternatively follow the guidance from Microsoft support if you are using a PC.

    If you would prefer to receive the file via email please contact us:
    T +44 (0)1908 248 250
    E info@icaew.com