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ICAEW systems: status updates

Updated: 18 April 2023, 12:03 UK time.

This page displays the latest alerts, issues and updates on any system problems which may affect our members, students, member firms and Authorised Training Employers.

Anything currently active appears in the In Progress section, and anything no longer active will be moved to Resolved.

Please do check this page regularly for updates.

Need help?

Our member and student support teams are here to help. We recommend that you contact us via our Live Chat or chatbot Mia first, and for any non-time sensitive queries, please email us. Normal hours of service are detailed on our Live web chat page.

In progress

These are active alerts and updates. Should there be any unforeseen issues please be rest assured, we are working hard to resolve them.

Online joining of Communities and Faculties suspended

Unfortunately online joining of ICAEW's Communities and Faculties is currently unavailable due to a systems update. We expect online joining to be available from 1 November.

Previously notified incidents that have been resolved

These alerts, issues and updates were previously in progress. They are no longer active and have been resolved.

Please refer to the In progress section of this page for any outstanding issues that have not yet been resolved.


18 April

Problems logging into website - resolved

The technical difficulties that affected our helplines and logging into the website have now been resolved. Thank you for your patience.


07 September

Disruption to services 7 September 2022 - resolved

The problem which affected our systems earlier today, and affected our ability to access or respond to enquiries, has been resolved.

13 May

Ongoing training file issues

We are still having ongoing issues with student training files which includes missing information (including linking students to ATEs) and the ability to make changes such cancelling training agreements and doing final sign-offs. We are also still experiencing backlogs of processing changes to training files and admitting students into membership. Again, we apologise for the frustration this is causing and we ask for your continued patience while we work to resolve these issues. We will provide a further update on 18 May or sooner, if resolved.

22 April

Online payment services restored

We are pleased to say that online payment services have now been fully restored. This includes the ability for ICAEW members to renew their membership and subscriptions online. Thank you for your patience while we updated our systems.

14 April

Online joining of communities and faculties restored

We are pleased to say that online joining of paid-for ICAEW Communities and Faculties, including Faculties Online, has been restored.

13 April

Online Training File access restored

We are pleased to say that you can now access your Online Training File.

Student registration restored

The register as a student app is now back online and we are again accepting new student registrations.

Credit for Prior Learning

The CPL app is now back online and you can now apply for credit for prior learning.

12 April

Library request forms

Request forms for library services, including the client screening service, are now available. They were offline from 8-11 April to enable work to go ahead on ICAEW's system upgrade.