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Work with insurers? The PRA wants these improvements

24 January 2020: the PRA has set out the practical improvements the regulator wants to see from the general insurance industry in its letter to Chief Executives of general insurance firms regulated by the PRA. Some topics are more familiar than others, says ICAEW’s Financial Services Faculty; but, interestingly for a prudential regulator, there is a firm emphasis on culture.

Flybe fallout: clear frameworks ‘vital’ if more intervention is on the cards

23 January 2020: the idea of a government stepping in to provide assistance to cash-strapped companies with significant regional importance has been much debated following the recent Flybe intervention. While such a policy shift should be welcomed, a clear framework and strong legislation is crucial to any new strategy’s success, explains ICAEW Director for Business and Industrial Strategy Iain Wright.

Not scared to snitch: whistleblowing advice for accountants

23 January 2020: how does a safe whistleblowing culture benefit accounting firms? Elizabeth Richards, Head of Corporate Governance at ICAEW, examines the circumstances in which accountants might need to blow the whistle and the legal protections they receive.

How mobile apps are revolutionising service industries

23 January 2020: from food delivery and fitness to farming and travel, apps are changing the way businesses work. With the trend set to continue, accountancy firms could be next in line for an app. Be inspired by five of the best service apps on the market.

Can job-sharing work for accountants?

23 January 2020: splitting a single role between two employees can have many benefits for employers, including a broader skills base and the ability to use flexible talent - but how can staff be sure job shares work for them?

Top accountancy influencers roar

22 January 2020: ICAEW has released a list of the top 40 online accountancy influencers – individuals tweeting about and discussing accountancy related topics.

Will Brexit result in more fraud?

22 January 2020: once the UK finally leaves the EU, businesses of all kinds will experience economic costs and opportunities. Will one of the costs be an increased risk of fraud? We asked two experts for their views.

Are challenger banks winning the war for customers?

22 January 2020: it’s the battle of the banks – big players vs all-digital challenger banks. We look at how neobanks like Monzo and Starling are tackling the big players and question who’s got what it takes to win the war for new customers.

Beware of risk in the growing car finance market

22 January 2020: members working for banks and lenders in the car finance market need to be aware of its changing face and associated risks. These include the likely growth of consumer redress should there be a financial downturn.

LIBOR transition: five things all businesses need to do now

21 January 2020: LIBOR will no longer be allowed as a reference rate in loan agreements or derivatives from 2021 and its use is rapidly diminishing. Over the next year banks must contact businesses with loans that charge interest based on LIBOR to agree what their new rate will be.

Why the new government must act on late payments

21 January 2020: overdue payments are the bane of small business, and it’s been estimated that 50,000 business failures in 2014 could have been avoided if everyone paid within 30 days. What can the new government do about it? Iain Wright, ICAEW Director for Business and Industrial Strategy, explains.

Five reasons ICAEW attends the World Economic Forum

21 January 2020: as bookings for private jet charter soar in the build-up to Davos, many will ask: “What was the hype all about?” Here are five reasons our CEO, Michael Izza, attends the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) Annual Meeting each year (and not on a private jet).

How innovative firms are reshaping business structures

21 January 2020: the death of middle management, flatter hierarchies, egalitarian ideals: business structures are rapidly changing. Where does that leave the Big Four? We take a look at the firms shaking things up with innovative restructuring.

Will the BEPS initiative really work?

20 January 2020: the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has announced plans to shake up a century of international tax law. However, 12 EU states voted against rules to force big tech companies to reveal profits and tax payments in each member state. Are the Base Erosion and Profit Sharing (BEPS) proposals really the best chance of a successful global response to tax avoidance?

Is the McMafia law working?

20 January 2020: the McMafia law, introduced in 2018, is already being challenged. Is it fit for purpose, or will the government see its weapons blunted in the face of organised crime?

Eight top tips for wellbeing in the workplace

20 January 2020: we spend the majority of our time at work, so our wellbeing in the workplace should be of paramount importance. Sarah Dale, former PwC chartered accountant and now chartered occupational psychologist and founder of Creating Focus, shares her tips.

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