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Insights on diversity and inclusion from ICAEW

Articles on D&I in the world of accountancy and the workplace can be found here.

Can workplace gender diversity mitigate climate-change risk?


The need for greater representation of women in business has been further validated after ECB research found a correlation between higher female representation at managerial level and companies’ success in reducing CO2 emissions.

Reaching full potential


With improving social mobility and building a diverse workforce being key priorities for ICAEW, two students share their experiences of joining the profession.

Why charities must embrace ESG reporting


Higher levels of ESG reporting in the charity sector will help to support accountability, best practices and access to finance, explain Nick Sladden and Carys Tetlaw of RSM UK.

"If they can, I can too"


Role models are crucial in Chartered Accountancy, especially for young Black people, according to student focus group research conducted by ICAEW. Three Black chartered accountants tell their inspirational stories and give their tips for excelling in the profession.

ICAEW Welcome Inclusion Quiz


Working consistently to build an inclusive culture is the only way to ensure all employees are treated fairly and are given the chance to do their best work. And, as this series has shown, it also makes for a far more effective, innovative and attractive organisation. This quiz sums up some of the information and advice we’ve collated throughout the series.

Building an equitable workplace: senior leaders’ role


Fairness underpins all D&I activity, but it is not simply about providing equal opportunity; senior leaders will benefit from understanding the distinction between equality and equity to create a fair workplace.

The role managers play in creating a fair workplace


Being fair to all is fundamental to diversity and inclusion. By creating open lines of communication and getting to know team members, line managers can contribute to a culture of fairness at work, as Awaze’s finance team shows.

Using mentoring to combat bias


Workplace mentoring schemes are well established as a tool to support career development. And with International Women’s Day on 8 March, we focus on their role in overcoming gender bias.

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