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Insights on diversity and inclusion from ICAEW

Articles on D&I in the world of accountancy and the workplace can be found here.

When data meets society: managing data ethically


Writing for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, ICAEW’s Head of Financial Services Philippa Kelly explores how the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement have brought issues with our relationships to financial services and data into sharp relief.

ICAEW joins socio-economic diversity taskforce


A new government-backed taskforce designed to break down socio-economic barriers at senior levels across the UK has appointed 30 cross-sector leaders in the financial sphere, including ICAEW’s Chief Executive Michael Izza.

Tackling the effects of long COVID in the workplace


11 February 2021: Employers are increasingly having to assess employees diagnosed with ‘long COVID’ to determine if they are classed as disabled for employment law purposes and make reasonable adjustments to assist those suffering from the condition.

ICAEW marks LGBT+ History Month


1 February 2021: Recognising LGBT+ rights and empowering everyone to have a place in society is not only the right thing to do on a human level but also from a business perspective, writes ICAEW CEO Michael Izza.

Why is fundraising by women so much harder?


6 January 2021: “We need to do more to invest in companies that are founded and led by women,” says Armance Bordes, General Counsel at Sofinnova Partners. “There are many studies that point to the gender gap that persists in fundraising, making it so much harder for women to raise capital.”

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