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Making referrals

Building your business through personal recommendation is the most cost effective and reliable marketing method. But when and how do you ask for referrals and what are the regulations? These resources will help guide you through the referral process.

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Features and articles

Disciplinary update June 2021

Examples of some of the outcomes of disciplinary hearings during June 2021. We encourage all our members and firms to review the types of issues we see (and the resulting sanctions) to help them avoid the risk of a committee referral.

Investigation Committee: avoiding the risk of referral

No one wants to receive a complaint about their professional conduct, let alone have their case end up in front of ICAEW’s Investigation Committee (IC). We talk to Paul Brooks, the Committee’s Chair, about how members and firms can engage more effectively with the process, as well as how best to avoid a referral in the first place.

Successful networking tips for interims

It is generally accepted that interim providers currently fill only three out of every ten interim assignments. The single most productive means of securing assignments is through referral and recommendation. This is often called 'the hidden job market'.