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Services for business

Find out more about services that practitioners can provide to businesses. Includes information on audit, insolvency, investments, probate and other areas of advice.

In this section

Become a registered auditor

This section explains what constitutes regulated audit work, what is meant by the term 'registered auditor' and how your firm can become a registered auditor. Application forms are also available in this section as well as a guide to which forms your firm will need to complete.

Whole firm audit compliance review

This helpsheet provides a checklist of matters to be addressed when conducting a whole firm audit compliance review in accordance with the Audit Regulations and Guidance and International Standard on Quality Control (UK) and (Ireland) (ISQC 1) for a Registered Auditor regulated by ICAEW.

Introduction to auto-enrolment for business advisers

New pensions regulations came into force on 1 October 2012 that mean every employer with at least one member of staff has a duty to enrol eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme and contribute towards it. In this short article we look at what this means for practitioners, highlighting the help and support available from ICAEW and the Pensions Regulator.

Auto-enrolment scheme selection

Whilst the Pensions Regulator has set out a wide range of practical issues which must be considered by employers when selecting an appropriate workplace pension scheme, there is no formal guidance as to the amount of due diligence required. The purpose of this helpsheet is to assist members by setting out ICAEW's view on the factors which we would expect our members to consider when assessing whether a scheme is appropriate.

ICAEW's guide to directors' duties and responsibilities

This ICAEW guide provides an overview of directors' duties and responsibilities, including on internal governance, transactions between a company and its directors or shareholders, and corporate administration. It also covers responsibilities in relation to insolvent or financially challenged companies, as well as penalties for breach of directors' responsibilities.

Marketing your restructuring and insolvency services

ICAEW and our Restructuring & Insolvency Community have developed a suite of materials to help you promote the value of ICAEW insolvency practitioners. The guide and videos can be shared with your clients, business partners and staff. The materials provide a view of the direction of the market and offer guidance on the seven stages of business recovery and the role of insolvency and restructuring specialists.

Guidance on corporate insolvency casework

The resources in this section support the work of ICAEW licensed insolvency practitioners and their staff who undertake formal corporate insolvency appointments under the Insolvency Act 1986 (and associated legislation). Guidance and checklists providing information on: liquidations (voluntary and compulsory), company voluntary arrangements (CVAs), administrations, moratoriums and administrative receiverships.

Payroll processing: stop and think about AML

Firms are using ICAEW’s AML educational drama All Too Familiar to support in-house training in a variety of ways. Caroline Wheeler, partner at Bevan Buckland LLP, tells us how the film helped staff in her firm’s payroll department when they took on an unusual number of new clients.

Markers’ payment & payroll process

Welcome to the ICAEW dedicated markers page. This following recording and slides were used in a meeting that was shown on Thursday 25 November 2021. This information is available for markers who have missed the meeting or who would like to refresh their memory.

Virtual Finance Director

How to become a virtual FD

A guide from Xero that seeks to explain how to become a Virtual CFO and provide the valuable services to your clients.

ICAEW educational films

ICAEW training films

Develop skills to identify risk, technical competence and professional scepticism.

False Assurance ®

This 35-minute film follows the story of two turbulent years in the life of a fictitious company called D-Merton and how it was brought to its knees by the actions of its executive directors, the lack of vigilance and courage by its board of directors and failure by the company’s auditors to identify and investigate red flag issues.

Without Question ®

Without Question focuses on the importance of professional scepticism and extends the scrutiny of behaviours to tax advisors as well as auditors. It probes issues such as reliance on experts, accounting estimates and confidentiality.