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Without Question ®

Without Question is ICAEW’s second training film. It provides an impactful and interesting way to highlight the challenges of directors and professional advisors seeking assurance on difficult issues. It also explores the underestimated importance of effective communication.

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New licences for Without Question are not currently available. If you would like to renew your existing licence agreement, please email creditcontrol-psd@icaew.com.

You may be able to watch the film via an ICAEW screening. Please check our events page to see if there are any upcoming screenings.

About the film 

Without Question draws out many themes for discussion such as reliance on experts, accounting estimates and confidentiality. It also examines:

  • conflicts within a family-owned company;
  • the difficult transition to become a listed entity;
  • the struggle of founding shareholders with the loss of control; and
  • the struggle of new independent directors in asserting control and good governance.

Case study

Workshop guides and resources

The hypothetical scenarios enable viewers to discuss difficult issues they might not feel comfortable to address in relation to their own work. To get the most from Without Question, we recommend that it’s watched in groups to discuss the issues that arise during the film. Without Question consists of five parts (approximate running time: 41 minutes).

A suite of training materials is available to support the facilitation of sessions and workshops:

  • Questions to prompt discussion after each part of the film
  • Who's who – a useful reference guide to the characters in the film


Paul Brooks
Paul Brooks Non-Executive Director,

What the film does is bring alive the issues that would be very difficult to cover in written material or any other form of training.

Richard Cartwright
Richard Cartwright Principal Teaching Fellow in Accounting, University of Southampton

Because accounting is a practice, students at university don’t get to see and feel what it looks like to be an accountant. ICAEW films allow students to contextualise the theory they study.

Stephen Denyer
Stephen Denyer Director of Strategic Relationships, The Law Society

I thought the quality of WQ was fantastic, really high production values, great actors, brilliant script, very believable and also just about the right length for a training film.

Edwards Rands
Edward Rands Partner, PFK Cooper Parry

There’s a whole load of ways that I think we can use it, in training sessions for large groups, smaller groups, different levels of the firm.

Mathew Stallabrass
Mathew Stallabrass Partner, Crowe Clark Whitehill

I think it’s an excellent film, high quality, that can be used as a training tool across our business.

Caroline Turnbull-Hall
Caroline Turnbull-Hall Director – UK Regulation, PwC

It is a high quality film. I think it’s absolutely excellent and I think it will capture people’s interests and imaginations and really get people to think.

Environment ESRS

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