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How can my firm become a licensed practice?

The current category of licensed work is for ATOL Returns to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Your firm can now apply to become a member of an ATOL Reporting Accountant Scheme (ARA) with ICAEW. This will enable your firm to act as an ATOL Reporting Accountant for ATOL holders. Our Licensed Practice scheme is approved as an ARA by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

In order to apply to become a licensed practice, firms will need to complete the relevant application forms and pay the appropriate fees. All licensed practitioners will also need to successfully complete the CAA ATOL training package.

Become a licensed practice

To become a licensed practice, your firm will need to:

  • complete an application form;
  • satisfy ICAEW that the firm meets the eligibility criteria and is fit and proper to carry out licensed work;
  • pay an annual registration fee;
  • comply with the ICAEW Licensed Practice Handbook;
  • comply with the Professional Indemnity Insurance Regulations;
  • be monitored by ICAEW.

Individuals who sign ATOL annual accountants' reports

Within a licensed practice, the individual(s) who sign(s) ATOL annual accountants’ reports must:

  • complete an application form;
  • be an ICAEW, ICAS, CAI or ACCA member and hold a practicing certificate;
  • have successfully completed:
    • the CAA ATOL training package; and
    • the Assurance module of the ICAEW ACA qualification (Certificate level), or equivalent; and
  • reviewed ATOL guidance issued by the CAA, including Guidance Note 10 – Advice for Accountants; and
  • be approved as a licensed practitioner.

CAA ATOL training package

To register for the module, please email CAA.ARAScheme@caa.co.uk and provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Name of the professional accountancy body you are a member of and the body you are applying to for the ARA scheme (if different)
  • Member registration number

If you have not yet completed the course, you can still submit your licensed practitioner application form. However, please note in the ‘Evidence of successful completion of course’ section

  • the date by which you expect to have taken the course; and
  • that you will send us a copy of your pass certificate when you have successfully completed the course

Assurance module of ICAEW’s ACA qualification

Members of ICAEW, ICAS, ACCA and CAI will have taken the ICAEW Assurance module (or equivalent) and we don’t require them to send us supporting evidence of this.

Practical experience

As part of the licensed practitioner application, you must summarise your recent experience of ATOL work. We need to see evidence that you understand the risks associated with ATOL work and the professional judgements you must make as part of the engagement.

Fee scales: licensed practice and affiliate

Access information about ICAEW fees, and the fees we collect on behalf of other organisations, including information on how to pay them. There is also a useful FAQs page.

Download application forms

Download the application forms you need, save them to your computer and fill them in electronically, saving as you go.

Once you've completed each form, print and sign it. Remember to save the completed version for your records.

Firms will need to complete a licensed practice application form. Each individual who wishes to become a licensed practitioner needs to complete a licensed practitioner application form. You may also need to complete one or more licensed practice affiliate application forms.

 Category Form

Licensed practice

If the firm's legal status changes (eg, a partnership is to become an LLP), you must reapply for registration.

If there's any change to the information ICAEW holds about your firm (as shown on the annual return), you must email details to regulatory.support@icaew.com within 10 business days.

Licensed practice affiliate application form

All principals in a firm licensed by ICAEW as a licensed practice must be either:

  • members of ICAEW;
  • firms registered for audit work by ICAEW;
  • firms licensed under the ICAEW Designated Professional Body (DPB) arrangements;
  • licensed under the ICAEW Insolvency Regulations;
  • ICAEW accredited probate firms;
  • members of ACCA, CAI or ICAS; or
  • affiliates of ICAEW (audit, DPB, probate or general).

If you don’t fall into one of the above categories, then you must apply to be a licensed practice affiliate.

Licensed practitioner application form

You must reapply for licensed practitioner status when you move to a new firm.

Where to send your application

Please email your applications to regulatorysupport@icaew.com. If you have any questions regarding your application, please call +44 (0)1908 546 302.
Note, our telephone lines are operating at reduced capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic.