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Marketing your restructuring and insolvency services

ICAEW and our Restructuring & Insolvency Community have developed a suite of materials to help you promote the value of ICAEW insolvency practitioners. The guide and videos can be shared with your clients, business partners and staff. The materials provide a view of the direction of the market and offer guidance on the seven stages of business recovery and the role of insolvency and restructuring specialists.

ICAEW restructuring and insolvency guide

‘Why early action is key to avoiding or surviving financial difficulties’ is a straightforward guide which explains the early warning signs of business failure and encourages early engagement with a business recovery and insolvency specialist.

Promote the guide to your clients, staff and professional contacts

ICAEW encourages its firms and licensed IPs to promote the guide to their clients, staff and professional contacts to raise awareness of their restructuring and insolvency services and the need for businesses to seek advice early to have the best chance of a successful outcome when they are facing financial difficulty. Simply download the guide and share it with your clients and contacts, or if you wish to print copies or produce a co-branded version of the guide, please see the instructions below.

How to add your logo and co-brand the guide

ICAEW firms and ICAEW licensed IPs also have the option to print or co-brand the guide by including their logo and some text about their firm/services on the inside front cover. If you wish to print or co-brand the guide, please contact lucy.woolf@icaew.com.

Videos to encourage distressed businesses to seek early advice

These short videos provide a case study of the experience of one business owner facing financial difficulty, the issues he faced and how these were overcome with insights from the business and the professional adviser.

Watch the video’s below and share them with other members of your team, clients and professional contacts using the links provided. 

A business recovery success story– the client’s dilemma

In this video, Fraser, the MD of a manufacturing business, takes us on his journey from recognising when the company was getting into difficulty and seeking a specialist adviser (a licensed ICAEW insolvency practitioner) through to the challenging decisions that had to be faced in order to reach a successful outcome.

This has resulted in a flourishing business, with the director sharing lessons learned – the value of seeking early advice.

Share this video with others by copying the following link: https://youtu.be/gGBCdFzMIzo

The professional adviser's perspective

In this video, Tyrone, a licensed ICAEW Insolvency Practitioner and a turnaround specialist, addresses the clients’ dilemma and the choices that were faced by the business. He explains the steps that had to be understood and addressed to reach an optimal solution for the business owners and creditors – specifically HMRC, as well as staff, to bring about a successful business turnaround.

Share this video with others by copying the following link https://youtu.be/sk8neQUN0iQ 

Facing financial difficulty - warning signs

This video highlights the need for advice to be sought early and the options available so that businesses have more chance to secure their ongoing survival.

Share this video with others by copying the following link https://youtu.be/Wi0NKmxTCPI

Stand out in the market with an ICAEW licensed IP logo

As an ICAEW IP, there are two distinctive logos you can use to distinguish yourself in the marketplace: one for individual IPs and one for firms where all the IPs are licensed by ICAEW. Both full appointment-taking and non-appointment taking ICAEW IPs can use the logos.

Use these logos to help promote your services as a qualified IP and raise the profile of your profession.


Terms and Conditions
All Intellectual Property Rights in ICAEW's mark, branding and this guide remain the sole and exclusive property of ICAEW.

This guide is made available for reproduction and distribution on a non-exclusive royalty free, non-commercial basis to ICAEW registered Insolvency Practitioners (‘The IP’) and ICAEW firms for internal and business purposes only.

The text content, branding and layout of the guide must not be adapted or changed in any way. It is the responsibility of the IP or ICAEW firm to ensure that the copyright statement and disclaimer wording remain in the exact format as shown in the PDF.

ICAEW firms and IPs may co-brand the guide with their firm’s logo where indicated on the guide to show that the guide is supported by your firm. This is on the strict condition that you send a copy of the proof for the guide to ICAEW for approval prior to publication and distribution. ICAEW reserves the right to refuse you permission to co-brand the guide if it is felt such co-branding would not be in the best interests of the organisation