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New ideas for new times

The Corporate Finance Faculty has announced three big themes for its work on behalf of members.

They will also feature prominently in the faculty’s communications, events and in Corporate Financier magazine, including in the September 2020 edition.

The themes are based on the changing role of corporate finance across the world, the expansion and growth of the advisory practices at the Corporate Finance Faculty’s member firms, the new expertise skills and qualifications required by professionals and ICAEW’s strategic priorities.

The new themes are:

Global Investment and M&A

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How corporate finance is shaping capital raising, driving transactions and supporting business transformation to help economies adapt. This theme will include:

  • Geopolitics and the international regulation of capital markets, cross-border takeovers, national security and foreign investment
  • Corporate transaction opportunities and deal origination
  • New national public investment programmes, recapitalisation and restructuring
  • Private equity, buy-outs, buy-and-build and growth capital
  • Public-to-private deals and equity capital markets
  • Corporate strategies, risk and transaction services

Innovation and Sustainable Recovery

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How corporate finance is boosting entrepreneurship, business expansion and novel approaches to meet the economic, technological, environmental and social challenges of the 2020s.

  • Growth finance, debt advisory and banking
  • Corporate turnarounds and restructuring
  • Infrastructure investment and government policy
  • Green finance, renewable energy, clean technologies and climate change
  • ESG and corporate finance
  • Start-ups, scale-ups and venture capital
  • Innovation investment
  • Funding the creative industries
  • Social enterprise and impact investing

Future Advisory Professionals

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How professionals involved in corporate finance are developing expertise, new skills and new technologies to advise businesses, ensure successful investment and effective deal-making.

  • Company strategy and corporate finance
  • Careers in investment, innovation and sustainability
  • Chartered accountants and advisory careers
  • Promoting greater diversity
  • Artificial intelligence in corporate transactions
  • Cyber security in M&A
  • Changing regulation of professional services
  • Thinking globally
  • New ways of working beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

To find out more, visit us at icaew.com/cff, email us at cff@icaew.com, discover more about the faculty team, or phone +44 (0) 20 7920 8689.