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Auditing groups of companies

Practical guidance, commentary and information on auditing groups of companies under ISA 600, including tools and support materials to help both group and component auditors.


In this section

Planning your audit of groups

Scoping and materiality on group audits

Scoping is probably the single most critical element of a group audit. If group auditors get this wrong, there will be little they can do to salvage the audit because they will either be doing too much and inefficiently, or too little and non-compliant.

Logistics on group audits

While the requirements of ISAs present their own problems in group audits, the sheer scale and complexity of some group audits and their logistics are among the biggest headaches auditors face.

Performing your audit of groups

Auditing the consolidation

Much of the time spent on a group audit is taken up dealing with the various components that make up the group. But the consolidation itself also needs to be audited. The complexity of this process varies enormously.

Reporting on your audit of groups

Specific challenges when auditing groups of companies

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Considerations for group auditors

This Audit and Assurance Faculty Know-How guide explores COVID-19 issues faced by UK group auditors with overseas component auditors. It offers practical considerations in relation to the work of component auditors to address the requirements in ISAs (UK). It may also be relevant for group auditors in other jurisdictions with similar requirements.