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Supporting audit quality

Access practical resources on key areas of the audit to help understand auditors’ responsibilities and the requirements of International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and support audit quality. These resources include practical support to help auditors deal with the challenges that may arise.

Practical help

Corornavirus considerations for inventory audit testing
The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the introduction of exceptional measures including the mandatory closure of many businesses and restrictions of movement in countries around the world.  

Improving audit quality using root cause analysis
With external audits under unprecedented levels of scrutiny, root cause analysis (RCA) can be a useful tool for those tasked with improving audit quality. Following feedback that there is little support for external auditors on how to carry out RCA, the Audit and Assurance Faculty has published this practical paper for its members outlining what RCA is and what auditors need to consider to make the most of this useful tool. It covers the five essential questions of: what, why, how, who and when?

Quality control in the audit environment - international edition
This guide includes the seven key areas for firms to consider when implementing the clarified International Standard on Quality Control 1 (ISQC1), together with illustrative policies and procedures. Policies and procedures aimed at sole practitioners can be found at the end of each section. The guide will help firms determine what further practical measures they might need to take.

Data analytics for external auditors
Auditor data analytics is about enhancing audit quality. There are different angles on what this means in practice but audit quality is a common objective of auditors, regulators and standard-setters alike.  


This section contains practical guidance in the area of quality control and includes file reviews and whole firm reviews.

Review of Completed Engagement file audit review (Cold Review) 

Practice assurance compliance review 

Whole firm audit compliance review


Mastering audit documentation - revisited

The importance of scepticism