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Internal ICAEW policy

Published: 29 Oct 2018 Updated: 02 Mar 2023 Update History

Eligible firms and members have free access to Bloomsbury Professional’s comprehensive online library, comprising over 60 titles from some of the country’s leading tax and accounting subject matter experts, under the following acceptable usage terms.

Acceptable usage terms


These acceptable usage terms are between ICAEW, who is making available the Bloomsbury Professional Platform to you, the individual or firm ("you") via the ICAEW platform ("the site"). The terms and conditions in this document apply to your use of the online services and the Bloomsbury Professional Content and ICAEW content contained in those services on the site ("the content") brought to you by ICAEW:

1. Licence and restrictions on use

1.1 You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, licence to use the online services and content.

This licence is subject to the following limitations:

  1. Your right to print the content by using the site's print function or your web browser's print function ("printouts") is limited to a reasonable portion of that content;
  2. Your right to save to your computer or other device electronic versions of the content ("electronic versions") using the site functions is limited to a reasonable and not substantial portion of that content.

1.2 To the extent permitted by applicable copyright law, you may make copies of printouts and distribute printouts and electronic versions.

1.3 Except as provided in paragraphs 1 and 1.2, you may not print or download the content without using the site's print or download functions or your web browser's functions. All access to and use of the site via programmatic, scripted or any other automated means is prohibited.

1.4 All right, title, and interest (including all copyrights and other intellectual property rights) in the site and the content (in both print and electronic forms) belong to Bloomsbury Publishing, ICAEW or our authors or other third party suppliers.

1.5 You may not delete the copyright notice contained in content retrieved from the site or adapt, edit or alter the content or use the site or the content in any way that infringes copyright.

1.6 User login history may be shared with the user’s firm, in order for them to meet their obligations in section 2 of these terms.

2. Access to the site and the content

2.1 Only you or you and your firm's eligible employees are entitled to access and use the site and the content ("legitimate users"). For the avoidance of doubt, you may not share your login details with another firm or another person outside your firm.

2.2 You and your legitimate users shall not Use Bloomsbury Publishing or ICAEW intellectual property without prior written consent from ICAEW.

2.3 Content and functionality may be added to or withdrawn from the site or otherwise changed without notice.

2.4 You must ensure that each person having access to the site and the content:

  1. is a legitimate user; and
  2. is using the site and the content in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2.5 Any access credentials issued by ICAEW to a legitimate user are to be used only by that user or that user's firm. If we suspect that any access credentials are being used other than by legitimate users, those access credentials may be cancelled.

3. Limitation of liability

3.1 To the maximum extent permitted by law, Bloomsbury Professional, ICAEW and authors or other third party suppliers shall not be liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting in any way from:

  1. any errors or omissions in the content available or not included in the site;
  2. an interruption to the supply of the site or the content; or
  3. any reliance placed on content on the site.

3.2 The content is provided for reference purposes only and is not intended, nor should it be used, as a substitute for professional advice or judgement or to provide legal advice with respect to particular circumstances.

4. Indemnification

You shall indemnify us for all losses we incur arising from or in connection with your breach these acceptable usage terms.

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