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Grant opportunities for Small Businesses

Author: Dell Technologies

Published: 16 May 2024

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Both national and industry sector grants exist to help Small Businesses in the adoption and development of new technology and contribution to net zero. Dell Technologies can help you assess which grants you may be eligible for to assist with purchasing IT hardware or services.

The available grants can be complex to analyse. Our advisors are specially trained to respond to your enquiries.

Depending on the size of your business, our advisors can guide you through the various existing possibilities.

As a small business you can benefit from national or regional grants for your projects. Our Dell Grants advisors can help ICAEW members find the right funding opportunities and guide you in putting together your application. Email the team today at SBAUK@dell.com to find out more.

Digitisation and Sustainability for Small Businesses

In March 2023, the UK Chancellor listed several measures to encourage innovation and to support start-ups. The R&D tax credit scheme was improved with an increased rate for tax relief. The suggestions that the Pro-innovation Regulation of Technologies Review resulted in, were all incorporated into this year’s budget. New technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing are important investment areas that are believed to help UK small businesses stay competitive post-Brexit as well as accelerating the journey to net-zero carbon emissions. The main estimates include almost £350bn of anticipated public spending on IT over the next 3 years.

Renewable Energy initiatives are also prioritised as means to achieve a larger and more sustainable domestic supply of electricity following the invasion of Ukraine and associated energy crisis. Carbon capture technology is another large investment area; £20bn has been made available to attract further investments and to stimulate job creation in this green industry. Start-ups are an important part of the UK government’s future plans and most projects funded by innovation grants would have to be led by start-ups or SMEs: to qualify for funding.

Industry Sector Grants

In addition to the efforts to increase global competitiveness, numerous sectors have additional grants such as:

£20 million Biomedical Catalyst grants to SMEs: to develop health care solutions.

£14.3 million will support the UK’s agricultural industry through the Farming Innovation Programme. The Farming Innovator Investor Partnership is specifically aimed at small businesses.

£60 million to clean maritime technology. There are several grants available for start-ups for innovation in the maritime sector or change of mode of transport from roads to water.

Due to the number of available grant and their complexity, our Dell advisors can help you assess which grants you may be eligible for. *

*Grant eligibility is ultimately determined by the relevant grant provider, and it is the company's responsibility to take the necessary steps required by a grant provider to obtain a grant.

Dell Technologies offers a consulting service free of charge, through our partner Grants Office to help you identify grant opportunities for your company, email the team today at SBAUK@dell.com to find out more.