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Webinars and recordings

Webinars, videos and other recordings produced by the Tax Faculty to provide practical guidance to practitioners on important developments to tax practice and policy. Catch up with the latest TAXbites and podcasts, as well as links to all the of faculty's webinars.

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These webinars have been designed by the faculty to provide practical guidance to practitioners on important developments to tax practice and policy.

MTD for ITSA - back to basics and myth busting

This webinar from the Tax Faculty will cover the regulations in detail and explain where we are with the development of the policy and the pilot and what taxpayers and agents can do to prepare.

Tax & Technology: Opportunity, Threat or Big Brother?

In this year's Hardman Lecture, former ICAEW President Paul Aplin will explore the opportunities and threats technology presents to the tax profession: what familiar tasks will disappear or change?

Patent Box

Are you prepared for the future of patent box relief? Find out about the changes for claims made from 1 July 2021.

MTD Phase 2 - Are you ready?

In this February 2021 webinar we recap the MTD journey so far, outline HMRC's roadmap and timescales, and provide an overview of the legislation and what this means for your practice. In association with Sage and HMRC.


In this webinar the Tax Faculty investigate the incentives, benefits, risks and pitfalls for businesses operating in Freeports.

Wyman Symposium 2021

This year's Wyman Symposium looks at various perspectives on the potential change to the end of the tax year.

TAXbites provide a brief reminder of the basics on popular topics. Each recording lasts around 10 minutes and is freely available for all to view

TAXbite: Business asset disposal relief

This TAXbite explains the 2018 and 2019 changes to entrepreneurs' relief, which was renamed business asset disposal relief (BADR) following the 2020 Spring Budget. The changes introduced include the two-year ownership test and the economic ownership test.

Download and listen to the latest ICAEW podcasts providing insights into developments in tax.

A tax system for the 21st century

How or what should we tax? And who should bear the burden of taxation? These decisions are critical because they affect how we live and vote. Prepare for very divided opinions from Paul Johnson from the OECD, Philip Booth from the IEA and economist James Meadway, and hear Kathryn Cearns’s case for simplifying our complex tax system.