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Tax Faculty webinars

If you missed any Tax Faculty webinars, you can listen to the recordings and access their resources below, as well as register for upcoming webinars.

These webinars and videos have been designed by the faculty to provide practical guidance to practitioners on important developments to tax practice and policy.

The list below includes future webinars with links to register to attend, as well as a full list of previous webinars. Tax Faculty members are able to access all of the recordings .

MTD for ITSA - back to basics and myth busting


This webinar from the Tax Faculty will cover the regulations in detail and explain where we are with the development of the policy and the pilot and what taxpayers and agents can do to prepare.

Patent Box


Are you prepared for the future of patent box relief? Find out about the changes for claims made from 1 July 2021.

MTD Phase 2 - Are you ready?

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In this February 2021 webinar we recap the MTD journey so far, outline HMRC's roadmap and timescales, and provide an overview of the legislation and what this means for your practice. In association with Sage and HMRC.



In this webinar the Tax Faculty investigate the incentives, benefits, risks and pitfalls for businesses operating in Freeports.

Wyman Symposium 2021


This year's Wyman Symposium looks at various perspectives on the potential change to the end of the tax year.

Capital Allowances


Brought to you by the Tax Faculty, this webinar covers the capital allowances landscape following the provisions in the 2021 Finance Act.

New E-Commerce VAT regimes in the EU and UK


From 1 July 2021, the existing Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) scheme transitions to a new framework. This is the 2021 EU e-commerce VAT package. This webinar will provide an explanation of the new EU -ecommerce VAT regime.

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