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TAXbite: Off-payroll working from April 2020


Published: 13 Mar 2020

The second in our TAXbite series looking at off-payroll working. This episode gives an overview of the new off-payroll working rules in the private sector from 5 April 2020.

This TAXbite covers, at a very high level, the new rules for contract work in the private sector, some of which also apply to work for public sector clients.

It includes

  • who the rules affect
  • what those involved have to do
  • what to do if the parties disagree.

Watch the recording

This is the second TAXbite in our series of mini webinars explaining aspects of the off-payroll working tax rules, known by many as IR35.

The first TAXbite, Off-payroll working (or IR35): an overview, explains what off payroll working is about and the tax consequences. It also explain why the term IR35 is frequently used to describe tax in this area.