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London Student Society

The Chartered Accountant Student Society of London (CASSL) is the official body that represents ACA students across Greater London.

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Attending events provides an opportunity for you to build your social and professional network. Gain support during your studies through attending a variety of events including revision sessions, the annual ball and post-exam socials.

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The 2024/25 committee

London’s student society committee is formed by a group of student volunteers. The committee meet regularly to discuss matters that affect local ICAEW students. And organise a range of social and professional events throughout the year.

Executive committee roles

Each student society has an Executive Committee to steer its course and monitor activities. The structure of the committee varies between society.

Each year, new positions within the Executive Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting. General committee members are free to join at any time in the year.

Committee position Position holder
Chair Aydin Bolton
Vice Chair Oliver Sighe
Treasurer Kareena Rathod
Secretary Lucas Silva
Head of Student Ambassadors Ali Husein
Events Director Jordan Muir
ICAEW Student Council (ISC)
Sunny Yang
Aydin Bolton
LSCA/ASDAC Representatives Dayem Chughtai
Sunny Yang
Marketing Director Sophie Khaleeque
Swetha Nandakumar
Development Director Krita Shah
Diversity Director Krita Shah
Sponsorship Directors

Josh Agrawal
Junting Jiang

Wellbeing Directors Justin Highfield


CASSL Chair looks forward to the year ahead

The Chartered Accountant Students’ Society of London (CASSL) Chair, Aydin Bolton, shares the group’s vision for the next year.

A thank you to the past committee

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing committee, whose dedication and hard work have laid the foundation for our society's success. Under Sunny Yang’s leadership, we have witnessed remarkable growth and achievement - none more so than being selected a second year in a row as ‘Student Body of the Year’ at the PQ Awards.

As myself being the outgoing Treasurer, I am particularly proud of the strong financial performance to date, a testament to the prudent financial management and strategic decision-making of the past committee. 

Sunny's rich tenure as Chair has set a high standard for us to uphold, and I am honoured to build upon this legacy as we embark on a new chapter for our society.

My Personal Journey

Allow me to share a glimpse of my journey, which reflects the transformative power of opportunity within our profession. 

My path to this moment has been marked by both a combination of determination and sheer good luck. Having won a scholarship aged 12 to attend a selective independent school, I was afforded an opportunity so many people don’t have - to pursue a quality education that paved the way for my subsequent academic journey. Graduating from a Russell Group university, I became the first in my family to attend university, a milestone that fills me with immense pride.

Prior to my traineeship at PwC, I was not destined to become a Chartered Accountant. With no familial role models in the finance and accounting industries, the world of ACA and financial statements was foreign to me. However, through perseverance and dedication, I have navigated this landscape and stand before you today as a proud advocate for our profession. My diverse experiences, from managing a multimillion-pound charity campaign, to political campaigning, and assisting a government minister, have shaped my perspective and equipped me to lead our society with vision and purpose.

A Vision for the Year Ahead

Looking ahead, I am inspired by the potential for growth and innovation within our society.

My vision for the year ahead is rooted in inclusivity, empowerment, and excellence in everything we do. As Chair, I am committed to fostering a culture of collaboration and engagement, where every member feels valued and supported in their professional journey.

Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, we will expand opportunities for ACA students to thrive and excel. Our calendar will be filled with dynamic events, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to foster personal growth and career development.

Some of the stakeholders we are already in discussion with as we build out our calendar for the year are:

- Members of Parliament
- A London Mayoral candidate
- PQ training providers and a Business School
- A Bank of England C-Suite executive
- The incoming President of the ICAEW
- … and many many more!

Together, let us embark on this journey to make our society a vibrant hub of learning, connection, and opportunity for all its members.

Aydin Bolton, CASSL Chair (2024/25)



Next Annual General Meeting April 2024

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