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Code of Ethics B

Professional accountants in public practice.

This part of the Code describes how the conceptual framework contained in General Application applies in certain situations to professional accountants in public practice.

Effective from 1st January 2011. 

Except as noted below, this Code has been derived from the International Ethics Standards Board of Accountants' (IESBA) Code of Ethics issued in July 2009 by the International Federation of Accountants. Accordingly, compliance with the remainder of this Code will ensure compliance with the principles of the IESBA Code. Paragraph numbering in the rest of this Code replicates that used in the IESBA Code of Ethics, except in respect of Sections 221, 241 and Part D which have no direct equivalent in the IESBA Code of Ethics.

Wording replicates the IESBA Code of Ethics.

Text framed in grey is where ICAEW's Council considers additional discussion and/or requirements to be useful or necessary.

The fact that wording is or is not framed in grey does not indicate any difference in the degree of importance that should be attached to it.

Code of Ethics B section 200-230 

Code of Ethics B section 240-280  

Code of Ethics B section 290

Code of Ethics B section 291