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Shareholder relations

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Making a statement

David Craik investigates how people in the real world view financial statements and considers what it might take to make them more user-friendly.

Voting for AGM format change

January 2017: Are Annual General Meetings in their current physical format immune to digitalisation? LSCA Business Board member Vincenzo Leporiere investigates.

Guidance and reports

Creative industries: Routes to finance

The first comprehensive and bespoke guide for Britain’s creative industries. A guide to sources of funding and investment for arts, cultural and creative organisations

Activist Investors

Shareholder activism in UK quoted companies continues to be an important and topical issue. The context of this research is the investment scene in the UK and within this context over the last two decades it is clear that considerable change has taken place. The research report covers a variety of topics and provides an overview of some of the positive and negative implications of activism.


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Shareholder activism and investor relations

Chapter 5 discusses shareholder engagement, relations and communications, shareholder rights and meetings.

Communications with stakeholders

An essential source of reference and route map for the position of Non-executive director. Contains case studies and checklists throughout. Chapter 11 of the handbook deals with shareholder relations with reference to the UK Corporate Governance Code and UK Stewardship Code. Disclosures and transparency, and Corporate Social responsibility are also covered

The rise of shareholder accountability

This title provides comprehensive, expert-led coverage of all aspects of corporate governance for public, nonprofit, and private boards. This section comprises four chapters on the subject of shareholder relations and shareholder activism.

The Non-executive chairman: toward a shareholder value maximization role

This title provides comprehensive, expert-led coverage of all aspects of corporate governance for public, nonprofit, and private boards. This chapter explores the key responsibilities, characteristics , experience and skills of a high-performance non-executive board chairman as well as communication with shareholders and addressing the concerns of activist shareholders.

Private Equity Demystified

Private Equity Demystified provides an objective explanation of private equity, recognising that for public scrutiny of this sector to be effective it must be conducted on an informed basis. This is recognised by the work featuring on reading lists of leading business schools.


The ICSA Director's Guide explains all the core duties and liabilities of being a director from appointment to resignation, including disclosures, shareholder relations and corporate governance. This book provides practical help for common issues faced by both executive and non-executive directors. Chapter 8 covers the relationship between the board and its shareholders and includes information on share ownership , general meetings and communication.

Managing investor relations: strategies for effective communication

Introduction to investor relations for students and professionals.

Relations with shareholders

An introduction to governance for directors and executives. Chapter 16 deals with statutory and non-statutory frameworks for relations with shareholders.

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When replacing an audit committee member, does financial expertise matter to investors?

The article reports on the study which reveals that financial expertise of audit committee member is important to investors. Topics mentioned include the importance of financial expertise on audit committees in the improvement of audit committee effectiveness in financial monitoring duties, the internal auditing management, and the role of audit committee to financial statements management. Also mentioned are the role of audit committee in decision-making and the financial reports quality.

Preparing for the 2018 US proxy and annual reporting season - are you ready?

Guidance for companies preparing for the 2018 US proxy and annual reporting season, which will be the first time that CEO pay ratio disclosure will be required.

Good investor relations drives the share price

The article offers tips and suggestions for increasing the shares price and improving investor relation (IR). Topics include role of company's chief executive officers and chief financial officers maintaining and analysing corporate finance, hiring an IR professional for maintaining relations, and focusing on expanding the market and relations with investors..

The error at the heart of corporate leadership

This article examine the agency-based model’s foundations and flaws and its implications for companies (boards making shareholder value their primamry concern) before proposing an alternative model that would have at its core the health of the enterprise rather than near-term returns to its shareholders. Their model would refocus companies’ attention to innovation, strategic renewal, and investment in the future.

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Useful links

AI and corporate reporting: how does it measure up?

Report from the FRC's Financial Reporting Lab which covers background on Artificial Intelligence (AI), what it is and how it has developed and some of the potential use cases that AI has for corporate reporting. Some actions for all those involved in corporate reporting are given as recommendations.

Guidance on directors duties: section 172 and stakeholder considerations

This guidance aims to provide practical help to directors on their performance of the section 172 duty - to act, in good faith, in a way that you believe 'would be most likely to promote the success of the company for the benefit of its shareholders as a whole'.

Centre for Audit Committee and Investor Dialogue

Run by Mazars in association with five institutional investor groups, the Centre for Audit Committee and Investor Dialogue aims to promote dialogue between audit committees and their shareholders. A regular debrief of their meetings is freely available.

IR Society

Professional body for Investor Relations professionals which aims to promote best practice in investor relations. Free access (with registration) to 'white papers' .Access to knowledge bank of best practice helpsheets is for members only.

Navigating the stakeholder agenda: tackling the reporting challenge

Guidance designed to help companies and their boards show they have due regard for the stakeholders under section 172 of the Companies Act. Looks at what companies are currently doing and gives framework to help companies stakeholder engagement and how this should be reflected in the annual report.

Global trends in investor relations

Annual survey from global investment firm BNY Mellon, highlighting trends in investor relations (registration required for download)

Enhancing stewardship dialogue

Guidance commissioned by the 2020 Investor Stewardship Working Party and published by ICSA the Governance Institute, intended to foster good engagement practices covering meetings, dialogue outside of the results season and improving the feedback process.

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