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Business systems and software selection

News, opinion pieces, legislations and best practices aimed at helping members make better use of their IT in their businesses and those of their clients.

Robotic Process Automation in Finance

Outcomes from a meeting of finance professionals from large organisations, discussing the potential of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to benefit organisations.

Smoothly does it

FRS 102 has caused plenty of waves for bigger firms using accounting software lately. Now it's the turn of smaller practices to take on board the changes.

Accounts Production Software - 2017 edition

This guide looks at the benefits of using accounts production software, explains the key concepts involved and the choices available and considers the risks and rewards from using such software. It includes reviews or a range of accounts production packages, ranging from standalone systems aimed at smaller firms to fully-featured systems from the market-leading suppliers which integrate with practice-wide tax and other applications.

Choosing payroll software and services 2014 - Chartech software product guide

Choosing payroll software and services can be as complex as payroll itself. However, with the support of this guide, you should be able to make an informed choice, whether you are in business or practice, looking for a solution you can use in-house, considering a bureau service, or seeking a solution you can use to provide bureau services.

Concise and precise

Billing not only has to be on time but it must be for the right amount. Ros Campbell explains how to marry efficiency with accuracy.

Generation big

Kirstin Gillon asks how relevant is this trend for other businesses that haven't been focused on data before?

Right on time?

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Notwithstanding the teething problems with HMRC’s Real Time Information project, organisations need to make sure their software is ready for its imminent arrival. BASDA’s advice is sound – and Richard Young has been asking around for other practical tips, too...

Will you move to Windows 8?

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Windows 8 has arrived, after a long public gestation period, in which it has been possible to download and work with pre-release versions...

The Secrets of Silicon Valley

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What makes Silicon Valley so special and what can the UK learn from this experience?

The business of apps

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As the app economy continues to expand, businesses that want to remain relevant to their customers are using apps not only to deliver key services but also as a new channel of engagement. Accountancy firms in particular can leverage an app to deepen the relationship they have with their clients.

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