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Information security

Information security is concerned with protecting the information assets of an organisation. It aims to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information and good information security underpins the effectiveness and value of IT systems.

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Register the problem

In an age where companies rely heavily on IT, risk management is more important than ever for shielding against cyber attacks. In the first part of his new column, Alan Calder explains why IT risk is no longer a single item on the risk register.

The right to be forgotten

One man's case against Google to have his bankrupcy details removed online has led to a huge change in data protection law. Leo Waldock asks what erasing your web footprint means for freedom of speech.

The best defence

Card fraud has the potential to affect any business, from a humble retail unit to a busy accountancy practice. Omer Tariq outlines how adhering to payment card industry standards can help win the fight.

So long, Windows XP

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Leo Waldock has some ideas for anyone reluctant to give up the much-loved by now defunct Microsoft operating system.

The secret’s out

The Edward Snowden story revealed some startling information about how our security services operate. But, asks Leo Waldock, just how secure is the data they collect?

Cyber security, view from the top

Kirstin Gillon reports from the second of our roundtable series on cyber security, exploring how boards are becoming more engaged in the need to protect their business.

Phoney statistics | Chartech

If we’re going to take internet fraud seriously, says Leo Waldock, isn't it about time we started recording it like other crimes?

Risking content

Cyber security is in the news again due to recent accusations against the US government by an ex-CIA whistleblower. Chartech held a virtual roundtable to discuss the practicalities and legal implications of keeping your data safe.

Is indemnity the best policy?

With cyber attacks on the rise, the need for businesses to insure against threats is imminent. Arvind Hickman talks to the experts about why prevention is better than cure.

Not-so-smart meters

By 2020 the UK’s old gas and electricity meters should be replaced by a wifi-operated system. Leo Waldock has some reservations about their security credentials.

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