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Too big for small business

Kirstin Gillon reports on the IT Faculty’s July roundtable exploration of how SMEs can harness big data.

Google is listening

The growth of voice-activated searches sounds like a great idea, but Leo Waldock wonders if it’s the end of privacy as we know it.

Standard terms for the provision of cloud computing services to clients

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This helpsheet is intended to assist accounting firms who provide cloud computing services to ppropriately manage the contractual risks of cloud computing and present clients with a clear contractual statement of the firm’s responsibilities – and where they end.

Empower your clients

Encouraging clients to directly input receipts into your bookkeeping package could help you reposition your business so it focuses on higher-end services, says Ros Campbell.

Can you risk it?

The appeal of online bookkeeping systems is growing. But how securely do they acquire banking transactions? Lesley Meall investigates.

In agreement

Some argue that cloud computing solutions might be more practical and secure than onsite IT solutions, but how do you get beyond the jargon and legal risks? Dr Sam de Silva looks at the ins and outs of cloud agreements.

Accounting for the future

How do accountancy practices use technology and what difference does it make to the firms that put technology at the centre of the business? Chartech speaks to two leaders in online accounting about a different way of dealing with clients and staff. We also catch up with two firms five years after they gave us their top tips and find out how they have continued to innovate for a more efficient business.

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