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Thoughts that Count

As technology develops, people are starting to realise that it is very important to be tech-savvy in business. Tim Philips explains why this is.

Set in Stone

Blockchain is considered as the system behind nefarious darknet transactions by some, but a source of innovation by others. David Lyford-Smith chips away the confusion.

The future, now

From computers that fit in your pocket to a jet over 10 times faster than Concorde, here is the latest in futuristic hardware and software.

Countdown to cloud

Emerging technology is dragging accounts production into the 21st century. Lesley Meall explains how cloud systems are invading the profession.

10 tips for cloud-based integration

It’s important not to approach cloud-based technology systems as a standalone or one-off solution – integration and collaboration are key. Adrian Higgins offers tips to help organisations achieve short- and long-term goals in the cloud

Inside the revolution

Reaching the 200th edition is an achievement for any magazine. This edition of Chartech shows that ICAEW was ahead of its time in creating a magazine addressing how technology drives change in the workplace. We’ve been here for the emergence of Google, online transactions, cloud computing, cybercrime and big data. Here, we examine these innovations and more, with insight and interviews on the impact they have had across the profession.

Providing Leadership in a Digital World

The impact of digital technology has been significant and continues to transform the accounting profession and society at large. Our most recent thought leadership report, Providing Leadership in a Digital World, highlights the key areas all businesses should consider and argues that the profession must focus on establishing how accountants can better serve businesses, the economy and society through new and evolving technologies.

Too big for small business

Kirstin Gillon reports on the IT Faculty’s July roundtable exploration of how SMEs can harness big data.

Google is listening

The growth of voice-activated searches sounds like a great idea, but Leo Waldock wonders if it’s the end of privacy as we know it.

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