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Accounting for the future

How do accountancy practices use technology and what difference does it make to the firms that put technology at the centre of the business? Chartech speaks to two leaders in online accounting about a different way of dealing with clients and staff. We also catch up with two firms five years after they gave us their top tips and find out how they have continued to innovate for a more efficient business.

Byte size - tech news

Facebook is reported to be working on a version of its social networking website specifically for use at work. Read about this and other latest tech news.

What's New About Big Data?

Big data is creating many opportunities for businesses to derive greater insight from data, predict future outcomes more accurately and automate non-routine tasks. But the use of big data and analytics needs to be appropriate and subject to robust challenge. As a result, it’s important to build our understanding around what big data means, and this short report aims to inform decision makers in business and government about the opportunities and risks in this area.

To boldly google...

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Being the number one web search engine makes Google a world-defining business. Marcus Austin looks at the widening impact of the tech giant's decisions.

Smartphones - Who rules the roost?

The battle for technological dominance of your pocket is raging on. We put four accountants and their phones through their paces to find out which devices are really delivering.

Seize the data | Chartech

How is the digital revolution changing the finance function, and what will be expected of accountants as a result? This year’s PD Leake lecture considers the options.

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