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2022 to 2023 President elected for ICAEW South West


Published: 20 Sep 2022

On Friday 20 May at the annual general meeting of ICAEW South West, Dawn Mills was officially elected as the President for 2022 - 2023.
In this article we will find out a bit more about Dawn and what she has planned for her year in office.  


Quick facts

Name: Dawn Mills
Current employment: Healthcare Assistant Manager at Albert Goodman LLP
Qualified: March 2018 with Albert Goodman LLP
Hometown: Yeovil
Family: Partner and stepson aged 12
Interests: Relaxing with friends and family, running as and when my body and schedule will allow!

Why did you put yourself forward as a district society office holder?

In all honesty, I didn’t! I have been an active member of the southwest committee for many years now, making my way up from being involved in the student society, and was asked if I would consider becoming an office holder. Being someone who isn’t great with public speaking and confidence, I decided to accept the challenge and hope that I can do myself proud and the role justice!

What is your priority for the coming year as President? 

To increase member engagement, specifically with Young Members. There seems to be a missing link from being a student, to further along in your career, and I want to be able to engage with the young members (being one myself) and see what it is we as a committee can do to help.

What do you think the society does well?

We are extremely lucky in the Southwest that we have a variety of active members partaking in our committee. I am proud to be a part of the committee, and feel we provide a great events schedule for the year for everyone.

What would you like the society to do more of (if anything)? 

Touching on my above comments, and to my theme for the year, it would be to increase the member engagement, with young members, and across the board. As my predecessor said, there are a lot of members that are simply not aware of the support that is available locally in the southwest.

You took over from Ros Aala as President at the AGM. What do you think was their standout achievement / event / initiative / contribution etc this year that they will be remembered for? 
Ros did a great job of helping us all out of the pandemic with a return to face-to-face events, raising awareness of social mobility, and of course hosting our first annual dinner for some time. What a fantastic evening we had, and it was great to see so many of you there.

Next May Gavin Roberts will take over from you as President. If we asked them the same question about you, what would you want their answer to be?  (i.e. what do you want to be remembered for doing?)
I’d love it, if by the end of my term, we had regular engagement from a group of young members. As we are already one quarter down, I feel it may take a little longer to get this in place. However, with the ongoing support of the committee and working closely with Kathryn Mansell (our Young Member representative), I’m sure we will succeed and continue to  well after my term has ended.

Office Holders for 2022 - 2023

President  Dawn Mills
Deputy Gavin Roberts
Vice  Bessell
Treasurer Philip Littler