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Associated users privacy notice

ICAEW collects and processes personal data belonging to associated users - this group does not include ICAEW members or students. It consists of for example faculty and community members, partners in learning, and professional development training.

What personal data do we collect?

In order to provide a variety of services to associated to users we collect the following personal data:

  • Title.
  • Name.
  • Email address.
  • Postal address.
  • Phone number.
  • Member number from a different body (if applicable).
  • Job title.

High risk personal data

  • Bank account details (where required)

What we receive from third parties 

We receive information from our corporate members, which will include names and email addresses. Within 30 days of receiving your information we will confirm were we receive this information from, our purposed purpose in using it and give you the opportunity to object. 

Why do we collect your personal data?


ICAEW will collect your personal data when needed for a contract you may wish to enter into. This includes but is not limited to:

  • as part of your membership/subscription to a community or faculty
  • tutors following the ICAEW syllabus and
  • professional development training.


When you provide your consent for us to use your data to contact you, such as sending emails to keep you updated on the latest changes in a specialist area or for further information. 

Legitimate Interest

We process your personal data in order to meet the legitimate interest as a professional body and regulator of chartered accountants.

We may process your personal data for marketing purposes where we have a relevant or appropriate relationship with or where there is a reasonable expectation of us doing so. We may monitor shopping activities to provide you with basket reminders.

Who will have access to your personal data?

Depending on the nature of your engagement with ICAEW we may share your data with our partners in order to deliver their services.  


We will share your personal data with third party processors who provide services to the organisation these include:

  • Publishers.
  • Training providers.

Third countries

Your Personal Data may be transferred to countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) . For example, your Personal Data may be shared with one of ICAEW’s overseas offices if necessary.

Where data is transferred outside of the EEA, it is done on the basis of appropriate safeguards, for example binding corporate rules, EU model clauses or a declaration of adequacy.

What happens if you do not supply your personal data? 

If you do not supply your personal data ICAEW cannot offer you the services you are interested in.

How long do we hold your personal data?

ICAEW will retain data for as long as it is needed for the relevant regulatory, assurance and conduct purpose. Specific records may also be retained for other legitimate reasons for example to resolve complaints an disputes, to validate applications and to comply with other legal and oversight obligations..

  • Updated 23 May 2018