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1,000 Chartered Accountants

ICAEW, Chartered Accountants Ireland, and ICAS want to celebrate our members who are acting on the climate crisis. This may be by taking their organisation or enabling other organisations to develop on their journey to net zero carbon emissions.

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Accountants are well-placed to drive climate action within their, and their clients’ organisations. Many organisations have already pledged to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible, and by 2050 at the latest. Some have also joined one of the United Nations’ Race to Zero initiatives or national and regional initiatives such as the UK Government’s Together for our Planet campaign.

Could you be one of the 1,000 Chartered Accountants leading this charge towards a decarbonised economy?

Our vision is a ‘race’ that everyone can join and, together, win.

Gonzalo Muñoz

What is the 1,000 Chartered Accountants campaign?

1,000 Chartered Accountants is a joint initiative of the three professional accountancy bodies for Chartered Accountants in Ireland and the United Kingdom: ICAEW, Chartered Accountants Ireland and ICAS. We aim to celebrate and support 1,000 Chartered Accountants who have committed, or want to commit, to begin their journey to net-zero carbon emissions. Signing up to a Race to Zero campaign is not required to be part of this initiative.

Why should I take part?

As a chartered accountant you are well placed to be a trailblazer in the business community. By signing up to being one of 1,000 Chartered Accountants, you can celebrate your success while using your voice to inspire others to sign up to net-zero.

How can I take part in the 1,000 Chartered Accountants initiative?

You can take part in the 1,000 Chartered Accountants campaign if:

  • your organisation - or your client organisation - is willing to begin a journey to net zero; or
  • your organisation - or your client organisation -– has begun a journey to net zero and and you have been instrumental in that process; or
  • your organisation – or your client organisation- has already or intends to join a Race to Zero initiative before COP26 in November; or
  • you have inspired action either within your organisation or another organisation to drive action on the climate crisis and decarbonise the economy

How will your Institute recognise you?

  • Listing you in our Roll of Honour.
  • Linking to your organisation.
  • Celebrating you across our communications.
  • Some applications will be developed into a longer case study, providing inspiration and leadership to other members.

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Fill out this form, join and become one of our 1,000 Chartered Accountants.


We may contact you for further information and/or to take part in a case study.


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What is 'Race to Zero'?

Race to Zero is a global campaign owned by the United Nations. It pulls together initiatives from across the climate action community under a single umbrella campaign. It aims to rally businesses, cities, regions, and investors (‘real economy actors’) to achieve a healthy, resilient, zero-carbon recovery.

Race to Zero was launched by the UNFCCC ‘Climate Champions’ in June 2020 to give an extra boost to the Climate Action Alliance. The Climate Action Alliance had been set up in 2019 during the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit.

Under the Climate Action Alliance governments commit to being more ambitious in their climate action.  The objective of Race to Zero is to mobilize actors outside of national governments to join the Climate Ambition Alliance and to build momentum around the shift to a decarbonized economy ahead of COP26, where governments must strengthen their contributions to the Paris Agreement.

How can I take part in the Race to Zero?

You may already be taking part in the Race to Zero! If your organisation has already signed up to one of the net-zero partner campaigns which is under the Race to Zero ‘umbrella’, you are already part of the Race to Zero campaign. The table on the right lists the partner organisations that all meet Race to Zero’s criteria.

Interested in signing up to a Race to Zero initiative?

There are other ways your organisation can join. Your organisation - or your client - can enter the Race to Zero by signing up with an official Race to Zero partner. See the table for links to the partner organisation that is right for you.

Case Studies

Scott Johnson, Founder of Kung Fu Accounting

Our first member case study for 1,000 Chartered Accountants is Scott Johnson, who is the founder of the first B Corp chartered accountancy practice. Any decision Scott makes through Kung Fu Accounting or advice that he gives takes people and the planet into consideration. The company has an ethical buying policy, prioritising local and second-hand purchases. They created a community fund to help local charities, community initiatives and non-profits during the pandemic. It has a giving commitment of 3% of turnover. It’s also a B1G1 organisation through its unique ethical payslips service.

Johnson explains “Can you afford to invest the time and energy in building a great sustainability programme, or a charitable giving programme? How do you go about making it happen? I know, because I've done it in my business.”

“From day one because I knew I wanted to run an ethical business, and B Corp was the rubber stamp that I needed. So, for me as a startup, the requirement was very different to me going through an assessment, three years down the line. It requires you to really think about the way that your business operates, and the principles that you use to make a business decision.” “That's it for me; make one thing better every day. That's the difference that I can make in the world. And that's what I will do.”

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Are you climate ready?

Are you professionally ready to mitigate the risk and maximise the opportunity of climate change? We at ICAEW are committed to enabling our members and the broader profession to respond to these challenges. Find resources, information, and inspiration on the ICAEW Climate Hub.

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