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Honour roll

Here you will find our members and students acting on the climate crisis. Hear their stories and be inspired by their valuable contributions to decarbonising the economy. Are you working hard to decarbonise? Let us know; we want to celebrate your achievements.

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Meet our champions

Ravi Abeywardana
Ravi Abeywardana Director, CDSB

Amir Absoud
Amir Absoud Principal, Upstreamly Chartered Accountants

Paul Adderley
Paul Adderley Founder and Director, Beyond Green

Thomas Arnold
Thomas Arnold Assistant Manager, ESG Reporting and Assurance

Mike Chambers
Mike Chambers Manager, Sustainable Finance at EY

Nicoleta Ciobanu
Nicoleta Ciobanu Head of Sustainability

James Clayton
James Clayton Dead Simple Accounting

Annie Curie
Annie Curie Sustainability and ESG at KPMG UK

Rosie Dunscombe
Rosie Dunscombe Director, Blue Crane Consulting Ltd

Stephen Findlay
Stephen Findlay CEO, Certified Carbon

Graham Fitzgerald
Graham Fitzgerald Finance Director, Irish Football Association

Soham Gehani
Soham Gehani Associate Director, Corporate Finance at Grant Thornton

Dan Harrison
Dan Harrison Founder and Principal

Caroline Harridence
Caroline Harridence Finance Director, Counting Clouds

Jose Hopkins
Jose Hopkins Founder & CEO of Simplify Climate

David Jones
David Jones Executive Director, CO2eco

Mike Jennings
Mike Jennings Director, Sustainable Finance / CSRD & ISSB Services

Sundip Jadeja
Sundip Jadeja Technical Manager, CDSB

Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Founder of Kung Fu Accounting

Karen McWilliams
Karen McWilliams Sustainability and Business Reform Leader, Advocacy

Alan McGill
Alan McGill Partner, Global Sustainability Assurance Leader , PwC

Philip McMinn Mitchell
Philip McMinn Mitchell Risk and Assurance Specialist, CivilSocietyTA

Jo Muncaster
Jo Muncaster Programme Manager and Senior Carbon Accountant

Myfanwy Neville profile
Myfanwy Neville Head of Sustainability, BKL

Sophie Parkhouse
Sophie Parkhouse Technical and Training Partner at Albert Goodman

Claire Peter
Claire Peter ESG Reporting Controls Framework Compliance Lead, Credit Suisse

Lavanya Ramanujan
Lavanya Ramanujan Advisor, Ground-Up Initiative

Accountant, International Controllership, Finance, Google

Sanjay Sah
Sanjay Sah Managing Director, Makesworth Accountants

Zsuzsanna Schiff
Zsuzsanna Schiff Technical Manager, ICAEW Auditing and Reporting

Helen Slinger
Helen Slinger Executive Director at Accounting for Sustainability (A4S)

Tian Sun
Tian Sun Assistant Manager, ESG Assurance Co-chair, KPMG China Club

Alan McGill
Chris Trigg Co-founder & Managing Director, OnGen Ltd

Rebecca Trudgett
Rebecca Trudgett Director and Founder of Switchfoot Accounting

Pam Tuckett
Pam Tuckett Audit Partner and Head of Education, Bishop Fleming

Meet our champion firms