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Study options and fees

There are four study options: classroom, distance learning, online learning or self-study.

Choose one of our flexible study options that best suits your preferred learning style and lifestyle. You can choose to have the same study route for all of your exams or you can opt for different study options on an exam-by-exam basis.

Study options

Classroom tuition

Face-to-face learning with experienced tutors allows you to ask questions and network with your peers. There are a number of approved tuition providers for you to choose from and learning materials are normally included in your course fee.

Distance learning

If you are unable to attend classes, but would value the support of a tutor and peer-to-peer learning, distance learning offers a mix of tutor sessions and self-study support, and is offered by a number of our tuition providers.

Online learning

This option is similar to distance learning, but is delivered online through live and recorded tuition sessions. This learning option uses  online materials and resources that can be accessed anywhere in the world. A number of tuition providers offer this option.


This study route allows you to study on your own. This means you can study from the comfort of your home or when you’re on your commute. You can study the the course material in your own time to fit your studies around other commitments. You will need to purchase the learning materials for your exams.

Cost of studying

Registration fee £185 + VAT
Exams  £75 per exam
The exam fees are changing from 01 July 2023 to £80 per exam
Learning materials  2023 learning materials are £34 per subject
Tuition   Costs may vary by location, study option chosen and by tuition provider