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Financial reporting resources

A list of resources available to help you ensure you're up to date with the latest changes in financial reporting policy and practice when returning to work.

Recent developments:
IFRS Access all the latest information and practical resources on International Financial Reporting Standards.

Access resources on New UK GAAP, the financial reporting framework for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2015. Find out more about the five accounting standards which together form the basis of the new UK GAAP regime, by reading our list of Frequently Asked Questions

Key resources:
Financial Reporting Faculty The Financial Reporting Faculty provides clear and accessible assistance across a spectrum of financial reporting issues. 
Financial Reporting Faculty app Download the free app from the Financial Reporting Faculty and browse a selection of financial reporting news and information.
A comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions on the new UK GAAP regime and their answers.
Webinars The Financial Reporting Faculty's webinars cover a range of updates on IFRS, UK GAAP and policy issues. You can access a selection of recordings and register for future webinars.

UK Regulations

In addition to complying with accounting standards, UK companies have to follow the requirements of the Companies Act and be aware of pronouncements by UK regulatory bodies such as the Financial Reporting Committee, the Codes and Standards Committee, the Accounting Council and the Financial Reporting Review Panel.

Find out more from resources collated by the Financial Reporting Faculty and ICAEW's Library and Information Service.

Technical update for career breakers April 2017

Financial Reporting presentation

Download the slides which accompanied a presentation by Marianne Mau, Technical Manager, Financial Reporting Faculty, at a technical update for career breakers in April 2017.

They are aimed at signposting areas where there have been significant changes but should not be relied on by themselves.