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Audit insights: technology

View the latest reports on data analytics and cyber security.

Coping with the substantial gap in cyber security

IT Faculty May 2018

This is the fifth in the series of Audit insights: cyber security reports. It focuses on the substantial gap in cyber security maturity levels caused by complex legacy IT environments and how business needs to adopt a smarter approach to cyber security laws and standards.

The impact of data analytics on business

Audit and Assurance Faculty May 2017

Audit insights: data analytics describes external auditor insights into the impact of data analytics on the businesses they audit, and provides management with a high-level approach.

Taking control of the cyber security agenda

Audit and Assurance Faculty October 2016

Businesses are struggling to turn general awareness and concern into effective action. In this report, we urge businesses to show more urgency and take control of their cyber agenda.

Closing the cyber gap

IT Faculty November 2015

In this cyber security report, we examine the approaches companies and boards should take to ensure systems are secure, and to manage the impact of breaches.

Growing gap between business and cyber attacker capabilities

IT Faculty October 2014

This report raises specific cyber issues around the area of cyber threats and the extent of board awareness. It reveals that an increasing gap between business and cyber attacker capabilities exists and good intentions must be matched by action.

Opportunities and risks around digital infrastructure

IT Faculty November 2013

Audit insights: cyber security report highlights four key issues: businesses should consider cyber in all their activities; businesses need to accept that their security will be compromised; businesses should focus on their critical information assets; and how most businesses don't get the basics right.