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What happens when everything generates data?

Author: Business and Management Faculty

Published: 21 Apr 2020

This Business and Management Faculty webinar took place on 22 April 2020.


The internet of things, where sensors are integrated into many kinds of objects, is growing rapidly. The data generated from the internet of things (IoT) can be used to improve basic accounting, business analysis and decision-making. But not only that, the IoT opens up opportunities for new business models and strategies. All industries can benefit from this. Examples include insurers monitoring driver behaviours and providing tailored premiums, manufacturers saving costs through preventative maintenance and retailers improving efficiency in their supply chains.

This webinar explored how finance professionals can take advantage of this powerful technology. We covered:

  • How the IoT works;
  • IoT strategy
  • IoT uses and the implications for the finance department; and,
  • The skills finance professionals will need to develop to take advantage of the IoT.

Broadcast on 22 April 2020 

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