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Shareholder relations eBooks

eBooks and eBook chapters on shareholder relations

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Shareholder activism and investor relations

Chapter 5 discusses shareholder engagement, relations and communications, shareholder rights and meetings.

The rise of shareholder accountability

This title provides comprehensive, expert-led coverage of all aspects of corporate governance for public, nonprofit, and private boards. This section comprises four chapters on the subject of shareholder relations and shareholder activism.

The Non-executive chairman: toward a shareholder value maximization role

This title provides comprehensive, expert-led coverage of all aspects of corporate governance for public, nonprofit, and private boards. This chapter explores the key responsibilities, characteristics , experience and skills of a high-performance non-executive board chairman as well as communication with shareholders and addressing the concerns of activist shareholders.

Communications with stakeholders

An essential source of reference and route map for the position of Non-executive director. Contains case studies and checklists throughout. Chapter 11 of the handbook deals with shareholder relations with reference to the UK Corporate Governance Code and UK Stewardship Code. Disclosures and transparency, and Corporate Social responsibility are also covered


The ICSA Director's Guide explains all the core duties and liabilities of being a director from appointment to resignation, including disclosures, shareholder relations and corporate governance. This book provides practical help for common issues faced by both executive and non-executive directors. Chapter 8 covers the relationship between the board and its shareholders and includes information on share ownership , general meetings and communication.

Managing investor relations: strategies for effective communication

Introduction to investor relations for students and professionals.

Relations with shareholders

An introduction to governance for directors and executives. Chapter 16 deals with statutory and non-statutory frameworks for relations with shareholders.

Investor relations

Guide to the duties of modern finance directors. Chapter 16 deals with investor relations, including: shareholder engagement; inside information; corporate ethics and corporate culture and corporate social responsibility.

Business ethics: the ethical revolution of minority shareholders

Looks at why and how companies do not act ethically towards their minority shareholders.

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