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IFRIC 17 Distributions of Non-cash Assets to Owners

Published November 2008. Effective 1 July 2009 (1 November 2009 for EU preparers).

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The Interpretation refers to:

  • Distributions of non-cash assets to owners of an entity in their capacity as owners
  • Distributions where owners have a choice of receiving non-cash assets or a cash alternative.

It concludes that:

  • A dividend should be recognised when it is appropriately authorised and is no longer at the discretion of the entity.
  • The dividend should be measured at the fair value of the net assets to be distributed.
  • Where a cash alternative is available, the entity should assess the probability of owners selecting either cash or the non-cash assets and measure the dividend accordingly based on fair values.
  • An entity should recognise the difference between the dividend paid and the carrying amount of the assets distributed in profit or loss.

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