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Why financial services firms should train ACAs

ICAEW’s client relationship manager Laura Barber discusses the importance of empowering your business with the ACA qualification. She provides testimonials from those who have completed the qualification as well as stats on why it is a good move for your business

FS Focus June 2019 image As technology continues to change the face of the profession, your organisation needs people who are financially literate to survive. To thrive, it needs people who can see the bigger picture. The ACA can help  you with both.

The ACA equips students to work in an age of rapid technological change. Its integrated components provide them with an in-depth understanding across accountancy, finance and business. We constantly evolve the ACA to ensure it meets market needs, providing peace of mind that what your employees learn is relevant and you’re future-proofing your organisation. The introduction of a banking and an insurance variant to the Business Planning paper provides students with the opportunity to gain sector-specific knowledge while studying.

We recognise that professional qualifications are a significant investment for any organisation. However, we have made sure that ours deliver greater returns, faster. Thanks to the high level of support we provide, first-time pass rates for the ACA are typically 79%. Higher pass rates mean fewer resits and less time out of the office.

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Our tuition providers offer a range of flexible evening, weekend and online studies, meaning employees can fit it around busy times and the business’s operational needs. The ACA exams are computer-based assessments, reflecting developments in technology and workplace skills; and our certificate level is on-demand meaning they can be sat at a time most convenient for all. As an employer we give you the tools to monitor your employees’ progress, and the support provided to you is unrivalled.

We are committed to widening access to the profession and have five main routes to becoming an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, so you can choose the option that works best. Apprenticeships are available at level 4 (CFAB) and level 7 (ACA), as well as fast-track and joint-qualification options with both Association of Accounting Technicians and Chartered Institute of Taxation. If you’d like to explore ACA training options further we’d love to hear from you, but don’t just take my word on how well it can be integrated within financial services…

“The ACA has provided an integral base of the knowledge expected in my role within Morgan Stanley. The ability to choose modules, such as Business Planning: Banking, gave a tailored experience more applicable for us and touched on many business areas we work on in our day-to-day roles. The qualification and training has given us credibility in our jobs and helped the progression of our careers as junior analysts, allowing us to add value in areas where previously we may not have.”
Jack Wallwork ACA, Morgan Stanley

“The ACA and the variation in the different modules have provided a platform of knowledge I will be able to build on throughout my career. Business Planning: Banking was particularly relevant at the time of sitting the exam, and the piece on Basel III has really helped with my progression throughout the  graduate programme.”
Megan Prescott ACA finalist, RBS