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ICAEW Financial Services Team

The financial services faculty team provide members with insight and expertise.

Reuben Wales, Head of Financial Services Faculty

Reuben was previously at  the FCA where he covered technical roles in Competition and Economics and most recently managed a team responsible for prudentially assessing higher risk mergers and acquisitions. Prior to his time at the regulator, he worked at Close Brothers plc, where he was responsible for delivering strategic financial and prudential analysis. He has a deep interest in the future of financial services regulation in the UK, including themes that touch upon the health of competition in markets and market stability. 

Simon Gibbs, Banking and Insurance Manager

Simon joined the ICAEW in September 2022.  Prior to that, he worked at the Financial Service Authority and latterly the Prudential Regulation Authority.  At the regulator he undertook a variety of roles focused on prudential supervision: the roles included supervising a major UK bank, Pillar 2 and ring-fencing policy making, and running the PRA’s skilled person’s regime.  He is a qualified chartered accountant.  

Shaun Taulbut, Manager


Louise Thornton, Service Manager

Louise is responsible for the impact, performance and faculty services for the Financial Services Faculty. She works closely with the Head of Faculty and Technical Managers to deliver high quality Banking, Insurance and Investment Management content. Collaborating with the Faculty team, Faculty members and additional departments within ICAEW to ensure member services are delivered effectively and timely.