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Qualifications and programmes

A folio of qualifications and leadership development programmes from ICAEW, including the ACA, ICAEW CFAB, Corporate Finance qualification, F-TEN, NFL, Business Sustainability Programme, IFRS, Certificate in Insolvency, Diploma in Charity Accounting and more.

ACA qualification

How to become a Chartered Accountant, plus resources for ACA students and employers.


ACA student resources

Resources and support to help ACA students work their way through the qualification.

ACA for employers

How to become an authorised training employer (ATE), plus resources for existing employers.

ACA CTA Joint Programme

Achieve two prestigious qualifications, the ACA and CTA, through this joint programme.

ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (ICAEW CFAB)

Gain essential finance and business skills in 12 months.



ICAEW CFAB provides key practical skills and essential knowledge for today’s competitive business world.

ICAEW CFAB students

Study resources, exam modules, exemptions/credits, learning materials and tuition providers.


Frequently asked questions about the ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business.

Corporate Finance qualification (CFq)

Gain recognition for your achievements in corporate finance at the highest level.


About the CF qualification

There are two routes to gaining the CFq: the experience route and study route.

CF qualification study route

The study route is for individuals aiming to accelerate their corporate finance career.


Frequently asked questions about the Corporate Finance qualification.

Leadership development

Our range of leadership programmes will support your career development.


Career development

Progress your career with our range of career development programmes.

Personal development

Maximise your potential and performance with our personal development programmes.

Team development

Improve the performance of your team with our range of development programmes.

Tailored programmes

Modify our leadership programmes to suit your organisation's specific needs.

Business Sustainability Programme (BSP)

Understand the corporate responsibility issues that companies face.



The BSP consists of five computer based modules.

System requirements

Please check you meet these system requirements before registering for the Business Sustainability Programme.

Benefits to employers

The Business Sustainability Programme is a practical and engaging e-learning programme.


Frequently asked questions about the BSP.

Certificate in Insolvency

The most flexible learning programme for insolvency professionals in the UK.


Register your employees

How to register your employees for the Certificate in Insolvency.

CPD training

These courses have been created for Finance, Business and Accountancy professionals.


CPD Banks

Develop technical, commercial, analytical and modelling skills to drive performance.

CPD Insurance (GI)

Technical and commercial skills to drive performance and decision support.

Diploma in Charity Accounting (DChA)

Get formal recognition of your knowledge in charity accounting and financial management.


DChA (study route)

Designed for those looking to further their career in charity accounting.


Frequently asked questions about the DChA.

Forensic Accountant Accreditation

The qualification for experienced forensic accountants.


Benefits to employers

The Forensic Accountant Accreditation is a benchmark for experienced forensic accountants.


Frequently asked questions about the Forensic Accountant and Expert Witness Accreditation.

Higher Apprenticeships in Assurance/Audit and Tax

ICAEW has worked in partnership with specialists to create two HA programmes.


Apprentice profiles

View our Higher Apprenticeship case studies and profiles.

Information toolkits

Toolkits for prospective apprentices and employers looking to recruit apprentices.

IFRSs and financial reporting

Raise your confidence in financial reporting with our tailored programmes.



This programme is ideal whether you work for or in a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME).


Frequently asked questions about our IFRS and financial reporting programmes and qualifications.


Hear what others have been saying about our financial reporting learning programmes.

ICAEW International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) programme

Your route to a better understanding of the clarified ISAs and the audit process.


About the ISAs programme

Benefits, what you'll learn, costs and how to apply for the programme.


Frequently asked questions about ICAEW ISAs programme.