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Corporate finance guidelines

Best-practice guideline - IP in M&A – legal considerations

This guideline identifies key intellectual property (IP) rights and comments on how such rights should be considered in the context of M&A transaction and contractual protections. It also addresses IP transfer and integration. Authors: Michael Gavey, Mark Curtis and Lydia Torne, Simmons & Simmons.

Environmental and social governance in investment and transaction decisions guideline

This guideline is aimed at companies seeking investments and their advisers. It seeks to demystify environmental and social governance (ESG), explore its application and benefits, as well as assess the challenges involved. A number of case studies will illustrate the importance of ESG for transactions. Authors: Neal Barker, Scott Beaton, Stephanie Tyrrell and Sean Allen, WSP. November 2014

Acquiring a business

This guideline addresses some of the key considerations associated with the process of acquiring a private business. Additional constraints apply when the acquisition of a publicly-quoted company is considered. Authors: Jonathan Boyers, Philip Abram and Steven Heath, KPMG

Business Finance Guide

This is a guide that sets out the main things to consider when raising funds for growth and outlines sources of equity and debt finance available to businesses – ranging from start-ups to SMEs and growing mid-sized companies. The guide also includes several tools and ideas to help businesses consider their options, make decisions and plan how they will finance expansion.

Secondary Buyouts

This guideline is intended to provide an overview of a secondary buyout transaction and market trends.

Financial Modelling Issue 55 July 2012

This guideline provides a practical guide to financial modelling in a corporate finance transaction context. That rider is important. The guide is aimed at corporate financiers who need to prepare, use or review financial models, not one aimed at financial modellers who need to develop their understanding of corporate finance.

SME Finance Guideline November 2012

For SMEs, obtaining and securing the right source of finance can present a major challenge. Lack of available funding for SMEs has been brought into sharper focus post-credit crunch. This guideline first and foremost seeks to help them when it comes to looking for sources of finance. Author: Marc Mullen November 2012 Issue 58

Occupational pension schemes

This guideline sets out the key issues associated with occupational pension schemes in the UK in the context of corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), management buy-outs (MBOs) and restructurings. It provides an overview of the UK occupational pensions environment as well as focusing on the areas that are most relevant to corporate transactions in an ongoing situation.

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