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Collection of news and resources on pension scheme valuations.


Brands to the rescue

With choppy times on the equity markets, pension scheme funding positions need innovative solutions. John Illsley looks at UK corporates’ options to use their brands.

FTSE 350 pension deficit falls

The FTSE 350's collective final salary pensions deficit totalled £38 billion at the end of July, down from £44 billion in the previous month, according to new figures.

Defined benefit pension schemes

The following article highlights the need for the company valuation professional to look beyond the pension figures disclosed in the body of the accounts, since the cash commitment of the company to its pension scheme could be much higher than is implied by the accounting deficit disclosed.

Warning over pensions accountancy

A pensions report has found the mark-to-market accounting standards currently used to calculate companies' pension assets and liabilities are undermining retirement provisions in the UK.

Drop in FTSE 350 pension deficit

By the end of last month, the aggregate pension deficit facing FTSE 350 IAS19 defined benefit schemes had reached £60 billion, according to the latest figures.