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Venture capital

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Post Coal Post Steel Post Haste

The demise of the Welsh steel industry grabbed the headlines in January. But, in February, Aston Martin announced 75 jobs. Jason Sinclair looks at how Wales is redefining its industrial credentials.

Power Player

Carnaby Street in London, more famous for fashion, is an unlikely location for an energy sector innovator, but KiWi Power has just taken on investment from energy giant ENGIE. Marc Mullen speaks to CEO Yoav Zingher as KiWi goes global.

The Art Of Financing: A Creative Pursuit

The creative industries contribute more than £76bn to the UK economy, but many businesses in the sector still struggle to secure finance for growth. Vicky Meek investigates.

What UK plc needs?

Innovation is vital to balance the 'real' economy and the financial sector. But what role should the state play? Look at the US, argues Mariana Mazzucato.

A solid start

Leaving the security of a huge corporation for a start-up is a tough decision. ForgeRock co-founder Jonathan Scudder speaks to Marc Mullen about raising three rounds of venture funding and creating a global software company to rival Oracle.

Venture landscape

Last year was a record year in terms of global venture capital investment activity. And according to a report on global VC trends by EY, 2015 is likely to see that boom continue.

It's good to talk

European venture capital and private equity has had a tough five years. But as Europe emerges from crisis, how is it tackling challenges? EVCA’s Dörte Höppner tells Marc Mullen communication is key.

power broker

When the government removed the VCTs tax break for renewables. Albion Ventures did something bold. It created a power company. David Gudgin tells Marc Mullen how.

Celtic Tiger

A management search turned into a private equity joint venture, with Mark Greaves acting as matchmaker.

Winds of change

Yorkshire’s economy grew on heavy industry, but with it’s gradual decline, can the region redefine itself as a centre for investment in new technologies? Lyndon Driver takes a look.

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