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Driving deals

Completing an investment either side of the referendum wasn’t easy, Albion Ventures’ Robert Whitby-Smith says.

The race to conquer space

Major Tim Peake’s stint on the International Space Station gripped the nation, but the UK space sector has been growing for a while. Since 2000 the industry has trebled in size. Across the country, a dozen space companies have expanded their presence and one area, Harwell, has become a European centre of excellence. When the government published its industrial strategy green paper in January, the space sector was part of it. Jason Sinclair explores the ambitious targets for the sector, and the opportunities to boldly finance British innovation.

Engineers of change

The idea that the UK needs a coherent industrial strategy is gaining credibility. Central to it is technology and engineering. Grant Murgatroyd asks what a strategy would need to address – and, crucially, how innovation could be financed.

Moore please

Setting up a tech specialist investment bank back in 2000, just as the market began to tail off, was a challenge. But for Hazel Moore it was just another hurdle to be overcome.

Dates with destiny

The year 46 BC became dubbed ‘annus confusionis’ – the year of confusion – because of the change from the Numan calendar to the Julian calendar.

Lighting the way

Investors have struggled for a while to create a sustainable microfinance model in Africa. Tom Parry reports on innovation that’s helping to power remote villages in the west of the continent.

Panoramic Views

After raising your first fund during the height of the financial crisis, everything else should be plain sailing. Marc Mullen speaks to Stephen Campbell and Malcolm Kpedekpo about the performance of the first Panoramic Growth Equity fund, and keeping their feet on terra firma when raising the next.

The China connection

Chinese interest in UK technology and innovation is inevitable. Stuart Rock speaks to Cocoon Networks’ John Zai about becoming a major player.

Healthcare revolution

The rising cost of healthcare provision and an ageing population could create a perfect storm for healthcare services. However, with innovation in medical research and technology offering a cure, David Prosser looks at how the UK is positioning itself to finance a transformation.

Midas Touch

Exits in the UK tech sector are delivering great returns to their early backers. Brian Bollen looks at TouchType, the latest company to be snapped up by Microsoft.

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