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ACA Advanced Level exam results published

Friday 11 December 2020: ICAEW students have today received the results of their November 2020 ACA Advanced Level exams.

In total, 3,970 students sat exams in November, and achieved the following pass rates:

  • Case Study: 77.6%
  • Corporate Reporting: 80.2%
  • Strategic Business Management: 88.2%

Mark Protherough, ICAEW Executive Director, Learning and Professional Development, said:

“Congratulations to everyone who passed their Advanced Level exams in November and well done in particular to the students who received our subject orders of merit, both annually and for this session.

“Our students have faced extremely challenging circumstances this year and I want to commend them all for their hard work, dedication and resilience, and wish them all the best in their future careers.”

Advanced Level, November 2020 Subject Orders of Merit

Case Study

First place and the Whinney prize

  • Anya Denton, Altrincham (Deloitte LLP)

Corporate Reporting

First place and the Quilter prize

  • Frederick Sheehan, Hertford (Smith & Williamson LLP)

Strategic Business Management

First place and the Walton prize

  • Claire Davis, Salford (Mazars LLP)

Advanced Annual International Orders of Merit

First place and the Peat prize

  • Jiayun Wang, London (PwC LLP)

Second place and the Deloitte prize

  • Lucy Elsham, Bracknell (Grant Thornton UK LLP)

Third place and the Fletcher prize

  • Daniel Spencer-Kempczynski, Somerton (Deloitte LLP)

Fourth place and the Strachan prize

  • Christopher Little, London (Deloitte LLP)

Fifth place and the William G Frazer prize

  • Calum Abbott, Bromley (BDO LLP)

Joint sixth place and the Tattersall-Walker prize

  • Anya Denton, Altrincham (Deloitte LLP)
  • Kieran Stanley-Hirst, Bristol (Smith & Williamson LLP)
  • Tristan Tse, London (KPMG LLP)

Ninth place

  •  Liam Jones, Birmingham (BDO LLP)

Joint tenth place

  • Ari Doak-Smith, Coventry (PwC LLP)
  • William Fowler, Banbury (Whitley Stimpson Limited)

Joint twelfth place

  • Matthew Collyer, London (Deloitte LLP)
  • Aqib Hussain, Redditch (Deloitte LLP)
  • Ben Levett-Dunn, Solihull (Grant Thornton UK LLP)
  • Amelia Noble, Beaconsfield (Deloitte LLP)
  • Arthur Thomson, Letchworth Garden City (KPMG LLP)

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