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Introducing Nick Rowe, ICAEW South Wales President

Following the official announcement made by the incumbent Society President, Anne Smith, on Wednesday 6 May 2020 at the ICAEW South Wales Society’s Annual General Meeting, Nick Rowe has been officially elected as the President for 2020-2022. Nick’s term of office began on 31 October 2020 and will run for an extended 18-month period and until the AGM in May 2022.

Immediate Past President, Anne Smith and Incoming ICAEW South Wales President, Nick Rowe
In this article we will find out a bit more about Nick and what he has planned for his year in office. 

Quick facts:

Name: Nick Rowe

Current employment: Lead – Statutory Accounts Solutions, PwC

Qualified: PwC, 2001

Hometown: Cardiff

Family: Married with two children in high school

Interests: Most of my spare time is taken up with being a deacon at my local church.  Aside from that I enjoy reading and watching sport (particularly rugby).

Why did you put yourself forward as a district society office holder?

Since joining the Society committee, I have come to appreciate how much the Society does for its members in South Wales and felt that I could make a positive contribution to its ongoing work.

What is your priority for your term of office as President?

The pandemic has forced us to explore and experiment with new ways of meeting and delivering society activities.  The challenge for the next 18 months is to harness these lessons and move forward on our key themes of sustainability and diversity in a much more inclusive manner across the society’s membership, particularly in engaging with members who may have struggled to access physical events in the past whether due to geography, availability or other factors.

What do you think the society does well?

At the heart of everything the society does is desire to ensure it works for the benefit of its members.

What would you like the society to do more of (if anything)?

As a society, we have historically had a strong track record of delivering for our members.  What we need to do now is consider as much how we do things, as well as what we do, to make the most of them.  In some areas that may mean doing more, in some it may be less but in a smarter, more targeted way.

You took over from Anne Smith as President; what do you think was their standout achievement / event / initiative / contribution etc this year that they will be remembered for?

Anne has quite possibly had the most difficult peacetime presidency in the society’s history to deal with, particularly as we took the decision for Anne to remain in post for an extended period to manage the society through the first part of the pandemic.  Throughout it all, Anne has been a calm, measured leader of the society and has put in place the foundations for me and future office holders to build on as we emerge from the current restrictions.

In May 2022 Dr Jared Davies will take over from you as President. If we asked them the same question about you, what would you want their answer to be?  (i.e. what do you want to be remembered for doing?)

Keeping things going!!  I’m under no illusions that the next 18 months are unlikely to be a smooth period and, as an officer holder team, we will need to be agile and respond to the changing circumstances as they evolve.  It is not just a case of “wait and see” though.  Whilst we are constrained in what we can do at the moment, it gives us the time and opportunity to put in place the strategy, ideas and plans to ensure the ongoing success of the society far beyond my term of office.

Office Holders for 2020 - 2022

President: Nick Rowe

Deputy: Jared Davies

Vice: Mark Etchells

Treasurer: Andrew Morgan

Immediate Past President: Anne Smith

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