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Judges’ tips: what we’re looking for in this year’s Chartered Star competition

The hunt is on to find our #CharteredStar to represent ICAEW and Chartered Accountants Worldwide at the One Young World Summit in Munich! Find out what the judges are looking for and their top five tips for entrants.

Competition Summary

This year entrants must produce a video/vlog pitch focussing on one of the five One Young World Plenary Themes and how chartered accountants and the profession can contribute to these. The themes are chosen by the One Young World community and represent the world’s most pressing issues which will be discussed at the summit. Entrants must be an ACA Student or ICAEW member and entries must be submitted by Sunday 10th May at midnight BST.

Top 5 Judges Tips

  1. The best entries come from those who pick a theme they are personally passionate about so chose a topic that you care about.
  2. The competition is not a popularity contest – entries will not be judged on the quantity of ‘likes’ but the quality of the content. Focus on a really good pitch rather than getting lots of clicks!
  3. Leadership takes many forms – entries that succeed are most often those where the entrant is their authentic self not who they think they ought to be.
  4. Practice and listen back to your pitch. Make sure that the judges can hear what you’re saying – speak slowly and clearly – get a friend or colleague to provide feedback before you submit your final entry.
  5. Keep it simple. Judges focus on the quality of the entry not how many different video techniques you can display or how many topics you can cover. Do what you’re comfortable with.

For all the details of this year’s competition visit the competition page – good luck to all those entering!