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2019 Chartered Stars

Thinking about entering the One Young World 2020 competition? The ICAEW 2019 Chartered Stars share their reasons on why you should enter and give their tips for success.

Jackie Crane ACA, Tax Technical Senior, PKF Francis Clark – UK

"Do you want to make a difference in the world, to drive change and to be heard? If the answer is yes to any of these points then I think this competition is for YOU.

'"I entered the competition last year to understand how I could lead change through collaborating in my network and I wanted to create a platform where I could really start to inspire and support other professionals. Through the competition I won the chance to attend the One Young World Summit in London and the experience was, in one word, incredible!

"I didn’t know what to expect from the Summit but after a jam-packed week of hearing harrowing but inspiring real-life situations I came away full of knowledge and the confidence that I can lead change. I also made some amazing friends through the Chartered Accountants Worldwide delegation, meeting accountants from all across the world who have the same passion for making things better. Knowing that it is up to all of us to start the momentum the #CharteredStar competition has given me the strength to know that I can, and will, make a difference in the world.

"It sounds cliche but the experience has been absolutely life-changing! This is your chance to grab an amazing opportunity to help you develop yourself and to focus your future - use this process to find out your purpose. A huge good luck to you all!"

Onneile Maripe ACA, Accountant, Sesiro Insurance Company – Botswana

Watch Onneile Maripe share her thoughts on why you should enter the competitions and how One Young World impacted her.

Pearlyn Lau, Assurance Associate, PwC – Singapore

Why should people enter this year’s Chartered Star competition?

“How often would you get the opportunity to be counselled by influential political, business and humanitarian leaders? For most of us, not very often. Entering the Chartered Star competition would allow you a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear and learn from these inspirational people, as well as to network with young leaders all over the world.”

Why are you glad you entered?

“Taking part in One Young World as part of the Chartered Accountants Worldwide delegation was a unique experience, and the biggest reason why I’m glad that I entered the competition last year. It provided a platform which allowed us to discuss critically about global issues, and how the accountancy profession may play a part to solve these problems.”

Do you have any tips on preparing a vlog entry for the competition?

“Honestly, submitting a video for the competition was the biggest factor that was deterring me from participating – I’m painfully awkward in videos. Thus, I decided NOT to appear in the video, but instead made a video like the “Draw My Life” videos that were popular back a couple of years back. My tip for preparing for the submission would be to think out of the box and play to your own strengths. Have fun making the video and I’m sure everyone watching it would enjoy it too!”

Alec James, Audit Associate, Buzzacott – UK

Why should people enter this year’s Chartered Star competition?

“Being chosen as ICAEW Chartered Star is an incredible opportunity. Attending the One Young World summit gives you the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s business leaders, as well as meeting with other young people who are likely to become the leaders of the future. It also provides excellent opportunities to network within the ICAEW.”

Why are you glad you entered?

“The summit itself is a life changing and transformative event. You’ll see below a series of personal benefits for entering. However, in reality, the One Young World conference reminded me that we have a responsibility for the inequalities and challenges our world is facing, and that our careers are not just for ourselves, but an opportunity to address that imbalance.”

How has your experience at One Young World helped you and your career?

“Already I can see huge benefit in attending One Young World. The networks that you develop and the connections you make over the summit are incredible. Since the summit, I have been able to get involved with some projects that I am both passionate and excited about. I’m also sure that a lot of the benefit begins after the summit, and the competition is just a starting point.”

Do you have any tips on preparing a vlog entry for the competition?

“Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Finally, don’t count yourself out! I was less than a year into my training contract when I applied, and filmed my entry at home with my phone. If you’re passionate about world issues and where accountancy fits into solving them, then I could not recommend entering more highly.”