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Jackie Crane ACA, Tax Technical Senior, PKF Francis Clark – Truro, Cornwall

Jackie joined PKF Francis Clark as an apprentice following completion of her A-Levels. She began her journey in the business services department of the office in Cornwall, whilst completing her AAT qualification.

Jackie CraneShe joined the audit department during her ACA training where she achieved an international prize for her mark in the business planning: taxation exam, prompting an opportunity to transfer to the corporate tax team. She now supports the firm in her role as Tax Technical Senior.

During her training Jackie joined the SWECASS committee, where she took on the role of chair and sat on the ICAEW Student Council for two years, followed by the role of president for one year. She is currently studying towards her CTA qualification to support her in her tax role.

"Who were you most looking forward to seeing and meeting, and why?"

Sir Richard Branson has always been an idol of mine and I was really looking forward to hearing his nuggets of wisdom. The culture he encourages in The Virgin Group has fascinated me for years and has been quite an inspiration that people are the focus, rather than wholly looking at profit. The interesting thing is that he attended the summit as what is known as a ‘counsellor’ but the focus wasn’t on him. In the true spirit of One Young World, he was there to interview two fantastic young leaders changing the narrative in their countries.

During his introduction he commented “We are so excited about the next generation of leaders in the world who are already challenging the status quo. They are turning things upside down for the better”. It is great to see such influential people using their voice to empower the next generation to be the force of change.

"What did you learn that you didn't know before?"

Plastic is not bad. Surprising, right? In actual fact, Coca-Cola has created plastic that is easily recycled and they have set a target to use recycled plastic in 50% of their production. On top of this, glass and cans have a higher carbon footprint meaning that plastic can be more environmentally friendly during processes. The key message I took from a number of speakers is the importance of ‘circularity’. When anything is created from resources on earth it remains on earth after use.

If it is not used again, it becomes part of the waste problem but if it is used again, it becomes the circular use of resources. There are limited resources and limited space and we should focus more on our own perception of ‘fast’ moving consumption. I’ve been asking myself some questions for the past six months and I’ll put them to you - do you need a new phone each time your contract ends? Do you really need another jumper to add to your overflowing collection? Have you repaired the hole in your jeans rather than replacing for new? We can all make a difference with sustainable thinking.

"What will you remember most about attending?"

The people. If any positive change is going to happen in the world we all need to work together. I feel optimistic about the future of our world, and the impact our generation will have, despite hearing the most harrowing life events at the summit.

"What did you learn that you can apply to your own business or organisation?"

As a consumer you are paying for a good or service AND you are also confirming support of that businesses actions. Our business needs to demonstrate our commitment to making a difference in the world and supporting sustainability for future generations. Our purpose is more than making a profit and I would love to see the impact we can make on the world now through our business but also through the clients we work with.

"What does positive change mean to you?"

Listening (truly listening) to other people’s reality and acting with compassion to make sure that issues they were faced with are shared for awareness and where possible, prevented from happening to others. We need to empower people with the tools to make change. Survival of the fittest is not the strongest or loudest person but the person who is most adaptable and collaborative.

"What value do you think your skills and training in Chartered Accountancy bring to being a future global leader?"

Becoming a Chartered Accountant is not just learning technical knowledge. It’s given me the confidence and self-belief to know that I am able to interpret and challenge information. You come away knowing how to deal with a problem, learn skills that enable you to pursue lifelong learning and with the amazing support network you feel like you can make a difference to the future of the profession and to launch yourself into being a future leader.