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Previous Winners of the ICAEW Outstanding Achievement Award

A list of winners of the ICAEW Outstanding Achievement Award, which is given to an individual ICAEW member who has served the community in the broadest sense.

1980-89 | 1990-99 | 2000-09 | 2010-19 | 2020-29


2022 – Carlson Tong

In recognition of “his achievements and contributions to business, the accounting profession, Asia-Pacific financial markets and the community in Hong Kong".

2021: Subhash Thrakar

“in recognition of his outstanding achievements and contributions to business, including supporting and championing London’s Asian business community, the UK’s business overseas and his charitable activities”.

2020: Mary Harris Smith

“in recognition of her ground-breaking achievement in May 1920 in becoming the first female member to be admitted to ICAEW.  Her dogged determination to become an ICAEW member on the same terms as men, despite numerous setbacks, her professional success and her support for other female professionals are an inspiration to all those who have followed in her footsteps”.


2019: Robert Herz

“in recognition of his global leadership in seeking closer international harmonisation and improvements in accounting, financial reporting and reporting of sustainability and other key non-financial performance information, thereby helping businesses to present their performance with clarity for the benefit of the capital markets”

2018: Sir Michael Peat

For services to the Royal Household and his role in establishing HRH The Prince of Wales’ Accounting for Sustainability and Integrated Reporting projects.

2017: Sir Gerald Acher

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in serving the community, as well as his contribution to business and the accountancy profession during a highly successful career.

2016: Amir Dossal

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in uniting public and private organisations to address the world’s economic and social challenges.

2015: Ruby McGregor-Smith

The first Asian female CEO of a FTSE 250 company, Ruby has been recognised for her exceptional contribution to business and diversity initiatives.

2014: Dame Mary Keegan

For her outstanding contribution to the profession in the UK and EU over the years, most notably regarding the development and introduction of IFRS, and to the development of UK government accounting.

2013: Sir Michael Rake

For the great contribution he has made to the accountancy profession, global business and charitable activity.

2012: Zarin Mehta

For the influence he has had in business, music and performing arts over many years.

2011: Sir Martin Broughton

For his significant achievements and contribution to industry over many years.

2010: Deepak Parekh

For his outstanding contribution to corporate and national issues in India over many years.



2009: Frances Done

For her significant commitment over many years to the Public Sector at national and local level.

2008: Sean Mahon

For his significant commitment over many years to rejuvenating deprived areas and helping disadvantaged groups in Yorkshire and for his significant contribution to regional business.

2007: Teresa Graham

For her contributions to the small and medium-sized enterprise sector, better regulation and the profession.

2006: Peter Wyman

For services to the profession and his leadership in the debate on reforms in the post-Enron era.

2005: Karan Bilimoria

For his entrepreneurship and work for charity.

2004: Sir William Castell

For his contribution to the life sciences industry and The Prince's Trust.

2003: Professor Geoffrey Whittington

For his contribution to accounting academia, the development of accounting standards and public life.

2002: Hugh Collum

For his leadership of The Hundred Group of Finance Directors and his career as a Finance Director.

2001: John Anderson

For his contribution to the accountancy profession and to the community in North Wales.

2000: Lord Sharman

For his contribution to the development of KPMG International.


1999: Sir David Lees

For his services to British industry.

1998: Ian Hay Davison

For his contribution to the accounting profession, public service and the Arts.

1997: Sir David Tweedie

For his work as Chairman of the Accounting Standards Board.

1996: The Rt. Hon. Lord Wakeham PC JP

For his contribution to government and public service.

1995: Sir Nigel Rudd

For his contribution to British industry.

1994: The Right Reverend James Lawton Thompson, Bishop of Bath and Wells

For his services to the Church of England and for his social and interfaith work.

1993: Sir Brian Jenkins GBE MA DSc

For his contribution to the accountancy profession and to the City of London.

1992: Sir Paul Girolami Bcom

For his services to industry and his contribution to the nation's exports.

1991: Roger Spoor OBE

For his contribution to the North East of England.

1990: Sir Ernest Harrison OBE

For his services to industry.


1989: Arthur Thomas Booth

For his contribution to the North West of England.

1988: Sir Bryan Carsberg

For his contributions at Oftel and to accounting research and education.

1987: Professor Harold Edey

For his contribution to higher education and accounting research, knowledge and practice.

1986: Philip Rusted

For services to charity (Live Aid/Band Aid).

1985: Sir Owen Green

For services to industry.

1984: Lord Benson

For services to this country, the law and his profession.

1983: Sir Trevor Holdsworth

For services to industry and the community.

1982: Tom Watts

For work in developing accounting standards and certain EEC Directives.

1981: Sir Kenneth Cork

For professional, civic and charitable work.

1980: Donald Ironside

For his work in the field of tax reform.