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Celebrating 100 years of women in chartered accountancy

In May 2020, ICAEW will mark a pivotal moment in our history’s advancement of access to the profession – the admittance of our first female member, Mary Harris Smith.

Mary joined ICAEW following the passing of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act in December 1919. This Act was a significant step forward for women entering a range of professions as it stipulated that:

A picture of the booklet that will celebrate 100 years of women in chartered accountancy.

The story

A book telling the story of the first 100 years of female chartered accountants will be published in the autumn of 2019, and an electronic version of it will be available on this page.

Be part of the story

The heart of our centenary campaign is to bring to light the stories of our members in chartered accountancy, so we can fully grasp the progress we’ve made and understand what more there is to do to achieve gender equality in the profession.

We want to hear what barriers you’ve faced; how you’ve overcome barriers; and where you haven’t been so successful – the good and the bad. We are building a digital archive of our female members’ experiences – and we want to hear from you.

Portrait commission

To mark her tenacity, determination and impact on the profession, ICAEW has commissioned a portrait of Mary Harris Smith. An original work, this oil on canvas portrait by Toby Wiggins RP will be hung in Chartered Accountants’ Hall in 2020, as a permanent way to honour her achievement and the many female members who follow in her footsteps. We'll let you know here when it's ready to be unveiled.

Mary Harris Smith

Portraits of Mary Harris Smith from The Woman's Signal (1895), Daily News (1904), Pall Mall Gazette (1919), Daily Mirror (1919), Leeds Mercury (1920)

ICAEW's centenary coverage

ICAEW President Fiona Wilkinson is leading the celebrations throughout her presidential year, June 2019 to May 2020, which fortuitously culminates in the month when we celebrate 100 years exactly of female membership at ICAEW.

Throughout Fiona’s presidential year, we will feature a special series of articles charting the journey of female chartered accountants.


We want to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our members across the world. We are holding a series of different events throughout 2019 and 2020 to mark the centenary.

1 November 2019, Malaysia: Celebrating Excellence Awards Ceremony

Winners on stage holding certificates with Fiona Wilkinson.   Winners on stage holding certificates with Fiona Wilkinson.

12 November 2019, Singapore: Female lunch

Attendees seated at a table eating and talking, including Fiona Wilkinson and Sharron Gunn.   Attendees posing for a group shot around an ICAEW banner, including Fiona Wilkinson and Sharron Gunn.


21 November 2019, Belgium: Women in finance - perspectives from across Europe

L-to-R: Valerie Derambure (Ostrum Asset Management); Veronique Nejman (ING France); Vivienne Artz (Refinitiv); Mara Catherine Harvey (UBS); Fiona Wilkinson (ICAEW); Milda Darguzaite (Northern Horizon Capital); Susanna Di Feliciantonio (ICAEW).   Fiona Wilkinson (ICAEW) addressing the audience.

ICAEW Europe and the City of London came together in Brussels for a special afternoon panel discussion with women leaders from across Europe.

They discussed gender-related trends in financial services and took the opportunity to celebrate the centenary of Mary Harris Smith - our first female member.

As Fiona Wilkinson, ICAEW President, noted; while there has been a lot of progress in recent decades, more work still needs to be done to promote equality in the financial services sector, including the accountancy profession.

The panellists - from Paris, Vilnius, Zurich, Frankfurt and London - shared personal experiences and made concrete recommendations for change.

Describing her career as sometimes akin to ‘pushing water uphill’, Mara Catherine Harvey (UBS) stressed the business case of ensuring that services meet women’s needs - while addressing biases that can start by ages 5-7. Veronique Nejman (ING France) and Valerie Derambure (Ostrum Asset Management) shared trends from France, where legislation on pay gaps and board quotas has been seen as successful in driving change.

In Eastern Europe, however, stereotypes persist - and more education and communication efforts are required, according to Milda Darguzaite (Northern Horizon Capital).

Vivienne Artz (Refinitiv) wrapped up the debate by noting several themes which emerged in the discussion, not least the importance of data - including the link to AI - and the need to 'not just tinker around the edges, while neglecting the need for structural change’.

28 November 2019, Dubai: Female lunch with business leaders

Attendees round the lunch table   Durdana Rizvi (DSR Professional Training JLT) and Fiona Wilkinson (ICAEW)

A gathering of high profile females based in the U.A.E. Michael Armstrong gave an introduction before handing over to Fiona Wilkinson to share the story of the first female chartered accountant, commemorating the centenary of females joining the profession.

21 May 2020, UK: Diversity, inclusion and culture > PLACES AVAILABLE

2020 marks a century since the first female was admitted into membership. Mary Harris-Smith fought for over 33 years to be seen as equal to her male peers – showing outstanding resilience and character. As we look forward, how can we reflect on the treatment of Mary and ensure the mistakes made then, are never repeated? Join us as we delve into the power of diversity.