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Articles celebrating 100 years of women in chartered accountancy

Throughout 2019 and 2020, ICAEW published a series of articles describing the past and current situation of female chartered accountants. They formed part of the celebrations of female chartered accountants that took place during Fiona Wilkinson's presidential tenure.

Gender imbalance: bridging the boardroom gap


5 February 2020: while last year saw a record number of women on FTSE 350 boards, closing the gender pay gap is not a straightforward task. What can businesses do to address gender imbalances and why does it make good business sense to do so?

Women more likely to be on several boards than men


8 January 2020: being overboarded – or serving on more than three corporate boards – is emerging as a women’s issue. In MSCI’s Women on Boards 2019 Progress Report, 22% of women were found to be overboarded compared with 12% of men.

Sophie’s choice


Sophie Rhodes talks about returning to financial management after a seven-year maternity leave

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