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Articles celebrating 100 years of women in chartered accountancy

Throughout 2019 and 2020, ICAEW published a series of articles describing the past and current situation of female chartered accountants. They formed part of the celebrations of female chartered accountants that took place during Fiona Wilkinson's presidential tenure.

Stop trying to fix women – start fixing the system


Rather than seeing typically female traits as barriers to career progression, redesign the system, says diversity, equity and inclusion leader Joe Consedine – majority over-represented groups must make the shift, not the women themselves.

Can workplace gender diversity mitigate climate-change risk?


The need for greater representation of women in business has been further validated after ECB research found a correlation between higher female representation at managerial level and companies’ success in reducing CO2 emissions.

Women in leadership


Female representation at board level across the UK’s largest companies is on the up, but women are still the exception rather than the rule when it comes to bagging executive roles such as the CFO.

Women on boards - how do we reach equality?


The pandemic has pushed back gender parity across the UK FTSE 350 to 2036, with women holding just 22% of all executive committee roles. Just 15 of the top companies have female chief executives. While we’ve made some progress in recent years, what needs to change to reach true equality? ICAEW's Susanna Di Feliciantonio and Jane Berney discuss the issue with a panel of experts.

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