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Andrew Coulson


Andrew Coulson
  • Admitted to ICAEW: 1991
  • Joined Council: 2019
  • Election Constituency: Birmingham and West Midlands


I’m an MBA educated, internationally experienced, Chartered Accountant. I help business owners create great enterprises so that they can achieve their business, finance and personal goals.

Throughout my career, since qualifying, I have operated as a Financial Controller, Finance Director and CFO, working in a variety of sectors and countries including the EU and South East Asia.

In my current business I provide CFO advisory services to the SME sector, to businesses with a growth plan, leveraging technology to achieve success.

My business is 100% digital and I’m always willing to share knowledge on how others can do the same.

I’m passionate about education and helping others attain their education goals.

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  • Council

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  • Founder, Dolfinblue Accounting Limited (100% shareholder)

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